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  1. Poor start to the season as the players all adjust to new systems, coaches, and teammates. Play really well through December and January and end up middle of the pack at the All-Star break. Injuries catch up to us and we have a dreadful February and sell at the deadline. End the season Bottom 5 in the league.
  2. This is starting to get harder. I think the top 8 were pretty clear, getting a little murkey now. Anyways I went with Lind.
  3. I think this is why he didn't go in the first round. He wasn't the 'play driver' on that line. Still, he has the potential to be a great complimentary winger for a skilled centre by providing some sandpaper, finishing, and net drive.
  4. I actually thought we'd be a bubble team last season, guys like Granny, Horvat, and Baer took the next step and we added a top 6 winger and a good, physical 2nd pair D man. Obviously that didn't pan out. So I have resigned to accepting our team really isn't good. We have some good young players and pieces, but I am expecting a bottom 5 finish in the 2017-2018 season.
  5. I feel you OP. I picked up a part-time job working nights at a hotel. My actual job, the night audit, is about a total of 3 hours of work, but I'm on from 11pm to 7am. The rest of the time I'm at the front desk doing the late check-ins and early check-outs. This leads to a LOT of cdc time I do some studying/homework in my down time too, but it's frowned upon to have my books spread all over the front desk, and I'm often not at my sharpest in the wee hours of the morning.
  6. Pretty much this, although death by armed conflict has risen over the last two years from the all-time low in 2014. Still doesn't come anywhere close to any other time in history. As another poster pointed out, I would think future threats are electornic in nature. Hacking attempts to disrupt banking and intrastucture.
  7. Jeff Tambellini upside? Dude had great wheels
  8. Exciting news. I don't remember another time we had 3 invitees for the U20 Canadian team.
  9. Voted Dahlen. This one is close for me, I have Dahlen, Gaudette, and Goldobin all around the same level. Closely followed by Virtanen
  10. Seems to be a concenus separation between our top 4 (Boesser, Petterson, Juolevi, Demko) and the rest of our prospects.
  11. Good news. Effectively risk-free move with one year at 700k. I hope his knee is doing better, the way things went last year I thought that was the end of his career.
  12. Not enough assists, no hockey IQ
  13. I've watched Outhouse play live a few times (Victoria Royals). I'm surprised he's getting an NHL invite...
  14. He's older than most in the draft, will turn 19 in October.
  15. I liked Glass at 5, but oh well. Pettersson has some incredible high-end skill, looking forward to watching him.