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  1. We said the NHL players have guarateed contract, it isn't 100% true, you can still buyout a player's contract at 1/3 or 2/3 depending on how old a player is. One more thing, pretty sur thevNFL teams would love to have a cap hit limit under 1m$ for their rookie players like the NHL does. Ask the NFL teams if they prefer to pay the #1 overall pick at the draft 22.3m$/4years about 5,5m$/year or they would prefer to go the NHL way and pay the 1st overall pick aka Crosby 11,1m$/3years excluding the bonuses 2,55m$/3years because they can decide if they apply the bonus on the actual season or the next. Still talking about the rookie players, how much are paid NFL players drafted in the 2nd round, most of them are paid over a million per year, in the second round, NHL players can get the salary cap for a rookie(0,925m$), BUT if they aren't playing in the NHL they'll get paid about 70-80k$ per year, in the NFL you still have to pay the big dollars if a player is on the sideline.
  2. Rogers deal with the NHL 5.2 billions dollars over 12 years beginning next season, average of 433,3m$ per year, 14,4m$ per NHL teams. NBC deal with the NHL 2 billions dollars over 10 years, 200m$ per year, 6,7m$ per team. So with both national tv deal each teams receive 21,3m$ per year. Now we'll take a look at the NFL. Fox, NBC and CBS decide to join each other to make a deal with the NFL. Their deal with the NFL is worth 27 billions dollars over 9 years, that's 3 billions per year, 93,75m$ per team a year. The actual salary cap in the NHL 64,3m$ so the money from the national tv deals pay 33% of the payroll if a team spend every dollars they can. Now we'll comeback to the NFL 123m$ salary cap, so with the tv deal's money each NFL teams can pay about 76% of their payroll. I'll continue to play with numbers. To get to the cap NHL teams have to get an extra 43m$. NFL teams have to get an extra 29,3m$ That's why every NFL are at least breaking even.
  3. right on
  4. I went through all the 13 pages and haven't saw him so good luck guys
  5. I can tell you the fans of ''Le Canadien de Montréal'' are also blaming their goalie for the lost. During the 2009 playoffs they lost their serie against the Bruins in 4, they put the blame on Price, the Habs had score 6 goals during those 4 games.

  6. Thanks for the comment dude.