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  1. Hey Ya'll, One rumor caught my eye when I read this from his site. I know it's (eklund) but he does a hell of job getting all the rumors. Take a look at the second to last one at the bottom of this post. Michael Frolik #67, RW Kladno, Czech. (CZE) G 19 A 23 Pts 42 Age 27 1988/02/16 Height 6-1 Weight 198lbs Shoots L NHL Seasons 7 Drafted by Florida in 2006 (1/10). The reason I'm posting this is because Frolik is a hell of a player and great goal scorer. His age say's it all. (Only 27) Vancouver could definitley use him with Vrbata or whoever to get the other players to light a fire under there asses. More goal scorers the better :-) * Hearing the Sharks could be landing Bieksa... *The Leafs aren't going to be rushed to move Kessel. Penguins and Panthers most likely...Rangers still outside shot. *I am looking into a rumor that Pitt trying to acquire Beleskey's rights.... *Edmonton and Boston are talking Lucic....BIGTIME.... *The Devils, Sabres, Canes and Leafs all interested in Ryan O'Reilly... *Several teams granted permission and are talking to Cam Talbot...San Jose and Buffalo look like front-runners... *Del zotto deal not close...could go to arbitration... *Preds making a serious last ditch effort to sign Ribiero to a fair deal, but it is not sounding good as far as the Preds bringing back him back...AS OF NOW.... in my opion, the Preds are putting forth a hell of an effort...but "miles apart." *I am told Arizona has SERIOUS interest in TJ Oshie. I wouldn't move him were I St. Louis....but this is the word on the street. * Habs want Pleks to be extended and it sounds pretty much a done deal...may not be official for a bit... * (NJ, Canucks, NYI and Leafs are among teams with serious interest in Frolik...) <-------- * Craig Anderson looks to be a good bet to be moved to Oilers... Have a good one Canuck fans. "Go Canucks Go"
  2. Canucks winning the STANLEY CUP!!!

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      Bro i had the same feeling a few days ago about Detroit, We are serooulsy goin all the Frakken way man. Spread this vibe let's doooooooo it !

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      i know for a fact the canucks are winning the cup..i know someone who has seen the future :)