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  1. If Canucks do it,then other teams will do the the same,because it's not just the canucks that play in this league.they aren't the team only team that has problems with the DOPS.
  2. No judge is gonna agree with the Canucks against the NHL.there is no bias and the canucks know that.
  3. i heard it was the preds,they sent the flu to vancouver.
  4. Hello Canucks fans.Here is to a great game and no injures on either team.
  5. he will not be wearing 6,according to what I read on Twitter
  6. I couldn't read it without crying.It's gonna be weird not seeing him on the ice,yes,l know that the preds just signed Yannick Weber and that he wears six and is a d-man,but he is no Shea Weber and the preds fans will know.Jan 3rd is when Shea makes his return back to Nashville and there probably won't be a dry eye in that arena,when they are playing his tribute video.He is one player that won't every get booed in Nashville.
  7. The preds are officially trying to kill their fans in the heart .one Weber isn't the same as the other Weber
  8. Nashville has had their fair share of locker room cancer,Remember Alex Radulov.I think Nashville can hold the locker room together like they have done in the past
  9. Homer might be having preds fans in his front lawn with pitchforks and torches,if Weber retires before his contract is up
  10. I didn't actually get to meet him,my one of aunts lives in Hendersonville,tn and Weber was signing at the Walmart,so I asked if she could get me a autograph and she did
  11. He signed a picture of himself and wrote to Julie,then signed his name.
  12. I told the preds organization on Twitter that Shea Weber may be gone from the team,but my autograph that Weber wrote to me will never be traded.he is still my favorite player,just a non-pred
  13. I feel like that this trade hit me like a wrecking ball,never thought that it would actually happen,always thought that Weber would be the first preds player to retire as a pred.When the news about the trade broke.i didn't react to the news very well and cried all afternoon.Shea Weber was captain of the predators and now he is just gone.probably wouldn't sink in until the preds opening night,when a new captain is announced on the ice
  14. sorry,i don't work for the preds,so i can't answer that question