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  1. [GDT] Predators vs Canucks - 7PM PST - SNP

    let me guess weber and josi
  2. [GDT] Predators vs Canucks - 7PM PST - SNP

    i have been going to Nashville for years,because family lives there and never have been to the country music hall of fame and museum,so my aunt surprised me this past christmas,by taken me there,it is really nice
  3. [GDT] Predators vs Canucks - 7PM PST - SNP

    i'm good with canucks using tim mcgraw's version,but it would have been embarrassing,if they used the preds version, somebody must country music fan in the canucks lockeroom to use a country song  
  4. [GDT] Predators vs Canucks - 7PM PST - SNP

    We need to have a talk about the Canucks playing the preds goal song i like i love it,that is so wrong
  5. [GDT] Predators vs Canucks - 7PM PST - SNP

    i love Weber and Josi in that video,especially when Weber said that he was thomas jefferson in the blooper  
  6. [GDT] Predators vs Canucks - 7PM PST - SNP

    If rinne comes out playing like hot garbage,then it won't be hard for y'all to stop the preds from getting a 3 game win streak.he has been awful this season
  7. [Proposal] Shea Weber

    it is tough to live where the only ice we had was dry ice and instead of ice skates,you had to use roller blades,but now we have no ice,closet ice rink is an hour away
  8. [Proposal] Shea Weber

    yes,i know that this is a canucks website and i would never disrespect the organization,but there is no rules that says that you have to be canucks fan when you how hard it is to find people that like hockey in the state of louisiana,i mean yeah we have a minor hockey team and fans of the team,but most people around here,don't know anything about the game
  9. [Proposal] Shea Weber

    this is not a private message board for just canucks fans,there are a number of fans from other teams that sign up,why should preds fans not be included
  10. [Proposal] Shea Weber

    thanks but i'm already on there everyday,i was talking about the preds message board on the preds website,that place was a ghost town
  11. [Proposal] Shea Weber

    The preds shut the message board down on the website,because nobody visited it and since this board is the most visited board in the NHL,i come here.Thank you for those kind words about the preds.Best of luck to the canucks this season
  12. [Proposal] Shea Weber

    Look,I'm sorry that I tried to tell you to stop posting the facts,but I'm tired of hearing all the negative about the Preds,when they trying to turn the franchise around and making a winning market.Gonna stand up to anybody that talks negative about my Preds If there was a Preds board that fans actually got on then I would be there
  13. [Proposal] Shea Weber

    Figured that you were gonna say that,but I'm gonna stop paying attention to the facts and just focus on cheering for the Preds.
  14. [Proposal] Shea Weber

    . Stop telling the facts,as a Preds fan,it gets tired seeing people stating the facts and talking about the Preds are a non-hokey market team for a reason.
  15. [Proposal] Shea Weber

    I can deal with any thing bad that you wanna say about my Preds,but I will support them win or lose,there is always people out there that hold a lot of hate for another franchise