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  1. Music of 2013

    tried listening to the new Pearl Jam and couldn't help but think "can't they do Eddie Vedder than this?" little Pearl Jam humour for ya'll
  2. Music of 2013

    oh dude, late elvis doing his emotional/spiritual stuff in Vegas is one of my favourite things. crazy how Foxygen ripped the chorus of "on blue mountain" straight from suspicious minds. his performance (maybe from this same concert) of An American Trilogy is absolutely insane. GLORY GLORY HALLELUJAH! HIS TRUTH IS MARCHING OOOOONNNN
  3. Music of 2013

    i watched the "here comes the night time" short film for the first time today. if you haven' it! spectacular performances of some of the hits off the record, and cameos from 10 or so really funny/famous people (bill hader, zach galafindtrhidthas, bono, michael cera, franco, aziz and more!)
  4. Music of 2013

    what did you think of "Minotaur" in particular? did it stand out? what a great chord progression. what lyrics
  5. Music of 2013

    i know what you mean. for both of them, i don't really read a thing about em or care about their personal lives. their image doesn't actually impact how i listen to their music. i listened to that diiv album quite a lot for like one week, but yeah, it's the exact same as beach fossils/wavves/whatever i'm the same way with sky ferreira as i am with lana del rey. obviously such a manufactured image (her's is the whole '50s thing instead of the whole heroin thing) but usually it all leads to like 2 great songs on an album, and the rest being kinda crap. but, like lana del rey (born to die, ride) the couple songs are super memorable to me .
  6. Music of 2013

    i feel kinda not in the mood for some of arcade fire's themes on this one. at the same time, i'm pretty crazy about the album, especially "here comes the night time," which i think is one of their best songs 3 or something. also just downloaded the sky ferreira album a couple hours ago...some duds and some pretty good stuff. "i blame myself" feels like an instant classic. also finally found a link to that fuzz album, downloading currently, pretty excited, although i know it'll be black sabbathy and i don't really like that whole thing, i like ty's more '60s surfy stuff.
  7. Music of 2013

    i went crazy over Chvrches. the most satisfying electro pop, sounds kinda like the knife but way more direct and less cold. psychic by darkside is this incredibly diverse electronic music with really organic elements. if you haven't checked out floating coffin by thee oh sees, it's so good, especially the last two songs. i saw them live yesterday, and it was one of the best shows i've seen, so much energy and originality. i know you have difficulties with hyped-up hip-hop, but pusha-t and danny brown's new albums both have super interesting production with really clever lyrical stuff going on. a japanese band called Meeks did a shoegaze Let It Be cover album that is so beautiful. and the new Cults album is surprisingly good. i thought their debut was good, but kinda typical reverby "buzz band" bull, but this one is way more ambitious and interesting. and then i loved a bunch of stuff that you've already heard, like kurt vile, foxygen, atoms for peace, vampire weekend, youth lagoon, smith westerns, mikal cronin, mbv, flaming lips, mgmt, yeezus, james blake, deerhunter.
  8. Music of 2013

    "New" by Paul Mccartney is seriously in like my favourite 5 songs of the year hahaha, feels insane to say that, but SERIOUSLY
  9. Music of 2013

    2013 has been crazy good, i love like 15 albums that have come out this year already
  10. Music of 2013

    there's new someone still loves you boris yeltsin? i'll check that out. as a drummer i've always been really into the way that guy plays drums.
  11. Music of 2013

    it sounds like the flaming lips because it's produced by the same dude. the dude also mixed the tame impala albums. some kinda wizard. but imo, tame impala and the flaming lips have the best sounding drums since like...bonham. and the new mgmt has that same drum sound, which pumps me up. alien days is a great song.
  12. Music of 2013

    i really like Chvrches, their album leaked a little while ago and it is just perfect, non-cheesy synth pop.
  13. Music of 2013

    anyone seeing Kurt Vile on Monday? if so you'll see me, my band is opening, haha.
  14. Music of 2013

    Rifflandia has big names, like last year, but they just happen to be a lot of names that i don't like. hate Edward Sharpe, never really got into DFA, am not interested in Big Boi's post-Outkast work, don't like Matt & Kim, Stars, Wintersleep, etc. etc. wheras last year i felt like it catered to what i like, with the flaming lips and the antlers and stuff. further down in the line-up, a lot of bands i'm friends with made it, which is rad, but i could see them for like $5 at bars in vancouver so naaah