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  1. i have the new Thom Yorke, Flying Lotus, Foxygen and Aphex Twin on heavy rotation. life is good right now.
  2. i found that the pace really drops too, but he still drops some memorable snarky/sad lyrics into those songs.
  3. beyond putting out an extremely groovy, good album, Thom is trying to push the music industry to new places by making torrenting more commonplace and taking away any level of separation between bands and their fans in terms of distribution. he never lets me down, goddamn.
  4. that's what i was thinking, that second song is likely the best solo Thom song i've ever heard.
  5. i've been really lazy about listening to new stuff outside of California garage releases. what have you guys liked in the past 3 months or so? going to give the Aphex Twin a peep.
  6. have you ever seen Spiritualized? haha
  7. definitely his best album since Melted in 2010, i think. The Singer is such a great song.
  8. the Mac Demarco album has a couple songs i love (Goodbye Weekend, Passing Out Pieces, Salad Days) but a lot of it isn't too interesting at all. Hotel is definitely one of my favourite songs The Antlers have ever put out. still need to listen to that album more.
  9. saw Mac Demarco tonight, what a ridiculous show. people throwing cigarettes at him in between songs, a neil young cover song where he made the whole crowd kneel, and an excessive amount of crowd surfing. he was also assaulted by an overzealous security guard which was bizarre. it was a great show though, the new songs sounded really good and the energy was unmatchable.
  10. whatever happened to the main homie Humble Rodent? #freetherodent
  11. big cans of light american beer were $13 inside the festival grounds! bottles of water were $5 i think. but all that stuff was avoidable, i went to walmart before i went, and didn't spend a cent on food or drinks inside the stage area. there are plenty of water bottle filling stations. the washrooms and stuff were all pretty good though! they've been doing that festival every year for like 12 years, and they seem to have it pretty down. the campsite is massive and not too crowded, and there were no hectic scenes or security issues.
  12. there were a few old songs like you can count on me and last night at the jetty and some other ones, but it seemed like mostly new stuff. although i only know person pitch and tomboy, so there may have been stuff off his other releases and i wouldn't have known. his crowd was tiny, because he was on at the same time as M.I.A. my brother is in Half Moon Run. i think i showed you their stuff years ago when they just had an EP out, but they're doing pretty well now.
  13. it was good! Parquet Courts and The Dodos were huge highlights, so thanks for those heads ups! Outkast were extremely good. they kind of got shit on for their coachella performance (i watched the livestream and it wasn't so good) but they had so much energy, they were killing it at Sasq. QOTSA were rad, and Haim were surprisingly good too. The National were great, as I expected, they're perfectly suited for that kind of beautiful landscape. I got to see my brother's band do a great set on the second biggest stage, which was really fun. Panda and Washed Out both did suuuch pretty sets back to back while the sun was setting, which was crazy. I watched some bands I dislike, like foster the people and city and colour, just to see what they'd be like live, but i usually left pretty quick. And then there were some sets that were ridiculous but still fun, like Major Lazer and Die Antwoord and Tyler, the Creator. the heat and all the walking and everything were super exhausting though, i'd probably only go back if i was crazy about the lineup, i'm not about to become one of those devotees.
  14. ever since seeing The Growlers at Sasquatch i've been listening to them so much. check this out: garage with a really nice folky twist to it.
  15. heading down to Sasquatch this weekend, if there's anything on that lineup that anyone recommends i check out, let me know!