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  1. Official NHL 14 Thread

    This is looking like a mega disappointment and I have no doubt this stupid '94mode will take more time away from testing hence more bugs. Thank god GTA comes out around the same time.
  2. Official NHL 14 Thread

    Can't believe I've bought or received every year's copy of this game haha...
  3. [Official] Grand Theft Auto V

    Gonna need another pair of pants, thanks.
  4. Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

    Alright I gotta finish this game haha as it's been over a year since I've last played. Lvl 45 Breton Heath: 410 Stamina: 330 Magicka: 200 Weapon : Deadric 1h + shield 293dmg(30 fire dmg + 20hp absorb.) Armor : Full Light Dragon w/ + 100 Magicka + 50% Mag. regen + 100 Stamina + 25% Stam regen. + 42% Blocking + 160% 1h Dmg + 85% Magic resistance I'm on the ps3 and play at max. difficulty. Casters are a breeze, melee can get dicey if theres more than 2 but nothing a quick retreat and a heal cast cant fix. Just DL all the addon's and haven't done much of the main quest yet. Hardest part was remembering where I stashed all my gear lol.
  5. Official NHL 14 Thread

    Dustin Butler is a lock for '14 cover so no need for the debate.
  6. [Official] Grand Theft Auto V

    Yo time hurry the eff up and take me to the day this masterpiece gets released.
  7. The Walking Dead Thread

    Thats Gotta be the new main cast, anywho the fat dude in the background kills the governor, rick, then the governors walker in s4. Xspoilz4lertRX
  8. The Walking Dead Thread

    Who's behind Carl? The lone survivor from the governor's army?? Is she becoming a regular next season?
  9. The Walking Dead Thread

    Man I told y'all sweet Beautiful Beth would not die. Hoping they give her a increased role which I think they will have her interact with Carl more. Still don't see the point of Morgan coming back for 1 ep. maybe he gets manipulated by the governor. Bet his two henchman die in season premiere, gonna be a long wait.
  10. The Walking Dead Thread

    No way they kill off Beth, or atleast they better not. TBH Beth, Carl, and the baby represent the good and the innocent, in other words the whole point of trying to survive. If they kill off any of those people then you really got no plot and it'll be just random deaths from here on out. Plus I thought i read that season 4 will have Beth, Carol, and Michonne back stories.If i had to give a honest prediction it would start off with Beth in the shower..... wait a mintute. Seriously though the episode is called ' Welcome to the Tombs ' and the previews show them packing so maybe they go deep into the prison. I seriously doubt the governor dies, and much of the cast as well. Plus there has to be a reason they showed Hershel hiding that gun in his stump then refusing to show Milton. Seems everyone has a reason to kill the governor so him dying from biters seems most likely. Like the cliche villan scene of him hanging on the edge of the pit full of biters and rick saying a cheesy line then kicking him off to die. But i doubt they kill him in season 3 it would be a cliffhanger to good to pass up.
  11. The Walking Dead Thread

    Sweet Beth the succulent succubus will seduce him with her soothing songs then KSLICE, michone flips from a tree and dey gone.
  12. The Walking Dead Thread

    Milton is going to kill the governor, him andrea tyrese and token black chick #2(does she even have a name??) will head back to the prison and hopefully Beth will have a backstory detailing her very last hot shower before all this chaos started. Seriously though more Beth plz.
  13. NFL thread

  14. NFL thread

    Or maybe it was Welker's horrible play in the playoffs that sealed his fate. One drop pass in the SB to cost them the game, and his drop in the Ravens game turned the tide. Good Riddance, as a pat fan I am glad to see him walk. He is the Joe Thorton of NFL players, good regular season numbers but cant do lick all when its crunch time in the playoffs. Too bad they couldn't get Mike Wallace, they need a wideout that can fly and open up the deep passing game that made them lethal with Moss.
  15. Thread Titles 5 Years From Now?

    'Should the White Rock Canucks consider moving back to Vancouver?'