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  1. granlund is bad tho
  2. Oliewud

    Finland Ends Universal Basic Income

    There was an AMA on reddit from a canadian receiving UBI in ontario a few days ago https://www.reddit.com/r/IAmA/comments/8d227x/i_am_receiving_universal_basic_income_payments_as/
  3. I dont understand how anyone could not like this song. Are you guys human? Lol
  4. Oliewud

    THIS IS THE DAY, Canucks get #7

    I agree.
  5. Oliewud

    THIS IS THE DAY, Canucks get #7

    doesn't he have great advanced stats tho?
  6. I'm not the brightest bulb but I remember reading a lot of about relativity and I'm pretty sure the whole objects falling towards earth is newtonian physics. Special relativity says that mass warps space time. The "lunar pull" for example is not actually pulling anything. The moons mass is warping the space time on earth and the water is moving along the warped space time. Einstein said gravity is acceleration. So if you took an elevator and put it into space away from any mass/gravity influence with rocket boosters accelerating at the same pace as gravity on earth (9.81 meters per square), you would feel as if you were on earth as the elevator would accelerate into the objects you drop at the same rate. FYI, I'm not trying to correct you but rather add to the subject cause it was difficult for me to wrap my head around at first but I think these explanations really help understand it.
  7. Oliewud

    [PGT] Vancouver Canucks vs. Dallas Stars

    campbell was helping him a lot in florida..he was pretty bad with mitchell i think if u have gudbranson in ur top 4 ur gonna have a bad time
  8. Oliewud

    [PGT] Vancouver Canucks vs. San Jose Sharks

    100% agree.
  9. Oliewud

    The future looks so bright

    petterson has a great defensive game. hes only been on the ice for 3 goals against this year. hes not a one dimensional player like nylander.
  10. i would actually make an all swedish line and have louie/sedins mentor petterson and dahlen baerstchi horvat boeser eriksson petterson dahlen sedin sedin virtanen goldobin sutter dorsett
  11. Oliewud

    Provincial Election Thread

    There is no law. But what about generations of families who have paid taxes for decades? They've built all the roads, bridges and contributed to the growth of this city only to have their children kicked out and replaced. I don't agree with that.
  12. Oliewud

    Provincial Election Thread

    24 connections linking Christy Clark's BC Liberals to Stephen Harper's Conservatives https://www.pressprogress.ca/24_connections_linking_christy_clark_bc_liberals_to_stephen_harper_conservatives
  13. Oliewud

    Provincial Election Thread

    nytimes.com - British Columbia’s Business Temptation: An Opaque Array of Tax Breaks https://www.nytimes.com/2017/05/02/world/canada/british-columbias-business-temptation-an-opaque-array-of-tax-breaks.html?_r=1
  14. Oliewud

    Provincial Election Thread

    I'm voting NDP because the Liberals are corrupt. They've embarrassed us on a world wide scale and I can't stand Christy Clark's smug smirk anymore. https://www.nytimes.com/2017/01/13/world/canada/british-columbia-christy-clark.html
  15. Oliewud

    [Proposal] Trade Eriksson

    expose him to las vegas