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  1. FYI Canucks are practicing at UBC again tomorrow.

  2. Things I do at 2:10am, creep CDC. ;)

    1. :D


      You can do that at any hour

    2. shiznak


      Even on Sundays?

  3. Change in plans. Canucks are practicing at the Pacific Coliseum tomorrow, NOT UBC!! Sorry for the mix up, just found out.

  4. I hear Canucks are at UBC again this week...

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    2. M.Lapierre.40
    3. WizardousSedinerie


      Friday. Practice starts usually between 10 and 11am. Yes we can watch. :)

    4. WizardousSedinerie


      Change in plans. Canucks are practicing at the Pacific Coliseum tomorrow, NOT UBC! Sorry for the mix up, just found out.

  5. Apparently Kesler made it on Leno tonight. Does anyone have a clip??

    1. Matthew Lombardi 18

      Matthew Lombardi 18


      I don't see it on the site of NBC.

    2. WizardousSedinerie


      I saw someone tweet about it on Twitter. I asked the person (lives in NYC) what they showed, just waiting for a reply. I'm assuming they just showed his nude photo or something...

  6. In case you weren't there, here's the shootout video from Canucks Open Practice yesterday! WATCH IN HD!

    1. Mr.DirtyDangles


      Awesome !!!! Bieksa is the boooomb ! This team looks great again everyone ! Get ready for another run at the CUP !

  7. Canucks are at UBC tomorrow

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    2. WizardousSedinerie
    3. Hank Moody

      Hank Moody

      Woooow. I have one class tommorow, and thats from 9:30-11 ahahaha. Hopefully I can book er down after. How do you get there from Sauder?

    4. WizardousSedinerie


      @Canuck_trevor16: Most of my pictures are on my Twitter account. Link is in my sig.

      @Lapierre's Gawk: Hey sorry I didn't see your comment in time. Hope you made it down?

  8. I won a ticket to the Dan Hamhuis meet and greet today! Pretty stoked as he's one of the players I haven't met yet. :)

  9. See you guys at Training Camp today! :)

    1. Sully2Cool


      cant wait for it.There is 19 days left till the Canucks start there 2011-2012 Season.:)

    2. WizardousSedinerie


      Amazing to watch hockey again! Even if it's just pre-season. :)

  10. Slowest off season ever...

    1. The Wizard of AZ

      The Wizard of AZ

      Apparently you don't remember the 2004 "offseason"

    2. WizardousSedinerie


      HaHa I must have erased it from my memory. Can't imagine why... ;-P

  11. My summer has been okay.thanks.:)

  12. No kidding, weather has been horrid! Just got back from a week long camping trip, getting caught up on all the news I missed, definitely brought me back to reality. How's your summer been?

  13. Hello there how's it going how's your summer been.so far the weather hasn't been all that great hopefully it gets better soon.

  14. Glad that MG got Bieksa Signed for 5 more yers i dont know what would happen if he didn't RE-sign here.Wonder what MG is gonna do next he still has to RE-sign Hansen and other players maybe make a couple of trades.so yeah glad to see Bieksa Signed.

  15. Cant wait till tomorrow and see what MG dose and see who he Signs RE-signs or Trades.:)