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  1. Anybody got any idea how to stream it on my Xbox one?
  2. Will there be a new Gillis?

    I'm busy teaching how to be butthurt economics at UVic. Leave me alone. GM MG
  3. Bergevin gets a French speaking cornerstone for his franchise. Business of sports.
  4. [Signing] Predators re-sign Yannick Weber

    Yeah. But can he shoot a puck through the webbing in the net. No Shae!
  5. [Signing] Canucks re-sign Erik Gudbranson

    Optimistically hope guddy plays a good hard nose style this year and impresses us all. Developing into a cornerstone dman for this franchise... Realistically he is traded at the deadline to a contender for a good return; provided his UFA status very appealing. Nice play JB.
  6. WSH and TOR to play outdoor game next year

    Works for me. Film the entire game from a drone. No fans.
  7. WSH and TOR to play outdoor game next year

    Should have a outdoor game in the real outdoors. Showcase some scenery. Up on a glacier. Made for TV. Mystery Alaska.
  8. [Report] Canucks fire Willie Desjardins

    Real gud. Take a lap. Real gud.
  9. What do you think, CDC?

    I'd certainly consider splitting the Sedins up on the powerplay. They are poth puck distributors. If they're going to pass it anyways. Might as well be to someone who might shoot it.
  10. Dare I say it... Olli for Gabriel
  11. What pieces are we actually missing?

    A strong speed game from its leaders. Goals from the bank end. If it's not too much to ask... and effective powerplay!! We should probably get a good RW to play with Kesler ... Ballard, Raymond, and a 1st
  12. Tryamkin a 265 pound cure for the powerplay?

    Maybe they could change their jerseys in the second intermission. Use the flying V.
  13. Favorite memories of the Pacific Coliseum

    Too many.... and Canucks moved to "GM Place" in my infancy. Worked for PNE tech services during the olympics and onwards while I went to BCIT. There is many of secrets on those grounds and plenty spooky history. But if I had to pick. As humorous as it is. The cheer when Scott Virtue and Tessa Moir locked up the gold in 2010. It was bone chilling.
  14. With Iginla Canucks could complete for a cup. In 2007