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  1. Making room?

    To all who're loving this Shinkaruk - Granlund trade, Is Rodin killing it at AHL level? Is he an AHL All-Star? I don't think so. He isn't even playing in North America. There're so many european players whose success at european level doesn't translate to NHL level. AHL would be the closest to NHL imo. but i'm no GM of a Canadian team where fans are passionate. I just can't understand this stupid trade
  2. What a stupid decision by GM Benning. I just can't understand this trade. WHAT A HORRIBLE TRADE BY BENNING. I'm beyond furious right now. Shinkaruk was our only All-Star at AHL level. Benning says that we want to do the right way by drafting and grooming in minor and when your prospect is ready, you stupidly trade him for a no namer (2nd rounder). We've so many set-up guys but no finisher. We had Shinkaruk as the finisher, a sniper, who can score goals and Benning traded this guy. Shiunkaruk was in his only second year at pro-level and he showed what he can do. I was so looking forward to him making NHL next year. Now imagine next year every goal he's going to score goal against Canucks. While Granlund will be our next Taylor Pyatt. Just unbelieveable. I think he wasn't treated properly. Now please don't say i'm a Canucks basher here. I'm the one who wears his Cnaucks jersey in Toronto proudly and defending my team.
  3. Being a Canuck in Toronto.

    I was first in Toronto then moved to Whitehorse, Yukon and now back in Toronto
  4. Being a Canuck in Toronto.

    Dude, you opened me up with this post. I immigrated to Canada in 2007 and moved in Toronto. I didn't like Leafs at that time. Why, I don't know. I played field hockey back home during my school years. But in field hockey there're so many restrictions like if ball touches your feet, it's a foul. If ball goes too high in air, it's foul. When I moved to Canada I liked the rough and tough ice-hockey. man o man. it was fun. You don't like the guy, you beat em' up. LOL Anyways, I moved to Yukon a year later. Due to regional restriction I could only see Canucks. I loved Sedin's cycling game and Burrows finish. I'm not too old of a Canucks fan like rest of you guys who're following it from 70s or 80s. But atleast i'm a Canucks fan since i was exposed to the game. But that our Cup run was just soo amazing. I would be screaming at TV because of enjoyment alone in my living room in those dark Yukon winters. good old times. LOL Anyhow, i'm moved back to Toronto recently. I wear my Canucks gear all the time here in Toronto, my work etc. Yea, people make fun of our riot but i hit them back by saying that you guys weren't able to defend 4-1 lead over Bruins in playoff. We at least were just one win away. But honestly I couldn't care less of what people think about me cuz all I care about is Canucks. Go Canucks Go.
  5. no problem. Give me +1 on my next post. :)

  6. Sorry! I gave you a -1 by mistake! Please ignore it. I was trying to give it to one of the other posters but hit your post by mistake. Please forgive me. I think your topic is right on (the one about AV and the 4th line).

  7. Canucks look alikes

    Don't you guys think Alex Burrows and (Teenager) Tom Cruise look similar?