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  1. Eriksson - 34 - Lights up the league if he stays healthy and isn't subjected to spreading the offense on another line Dank - 25 - Has been giving no S***s and getting in scrums, going to become a hard player to contain with more aggression Bo - 21 - Sutter being healthy lets Bo run wild on easier comp. Has a breakout year in contract year. Burr - 18 - Wants to stay in Van and proves it in his last year of contract. Re-signed mid-season for 2 years cheap to retire here Baer - 16 - Has a strong build off last season, sets up Bo more than he scores but puts up a decent season Hansen - 16 - More time playing tougher comp so doesn't reach same level as last season. Rodin - 16 - Shows why he was brought over, turns some heads around the league Sutter - 15 - Takes a lot of stress off the shoulders of Bo, shuts down more than scores Hank - 12 - It's Hank, you know where his points are mainly coming from. Etem - 10 - Improved season, shows some promise as a strong 4th line option. Surprised at how few people list Burr. Contract year and we know what he is capable of.
  2. I sort of side with the waiter. We don't know for sure that the customer did convey the message to the waiter. That is the customer's story. For all we know he didn't mention it. Restaurants can be very hectic as well, and may have very well been a very simple mistake on a busy evening. As for the customer. ..Texture, smell, the look of the dish didn't tip him off? Pen in the car when you are at a restaurant? He should have had that on him regardless in case a small contamination happens in the kitchen he isn't aware of. I understand he is upset and went through hell, but you have to do your own due diligence if you have an allergy you have spent your life avoiding. You are used to this daily, the server is not. I am sure the waiter is beating himself up.
  3. I loved Lappy. Wanted him AND Richardson to sign in 2012(13?) as opposed to just one. Would have been a great one two punch up the middle for the bottom 6. Hope he makes it and we know that AV loved him. We will see.
  4. I think Jake got along better than Jared with the group and the comments are a way to make sure Jake doesn't go the same route as McCann. Light a fire under his ass. Not in a bad way at all. Jake may have needed more work ethic but McCann just wasn't working and I think burrows knows what this kid can be for the franchise and just wants to punch him. As for burrows, I hope he never plays in another sweater. But if he's traded at the deadline I hope he comes home the next year. When he retires I want it to be as a Canuck. Same way I felt about Juice,
  5. Canucks still on roster from 2011 cup run: Sedin, Sedin, Burrows, Hansen, Edler, Tanev. This is a very different team than 5 years ago.
  6. Personally I think it is Dubois at 5th, pulj at 5th, or joulevi at 7th, if it's tkachuk Arizona trades for PR reasons alone.
  7. After the Boeser pick, I have faith in Benning making decision with prospects. We all knew he was a scout type GM. Lets see.
  8. If not Vancouver. There are still better choices than Edmonton... Go play with Schultz for god sakes!
  9. Some days I daydream about what I would do if I could travel back in time, and what I would do. My thoughts are always the same. - I wouldn't kill baby Hitler. - I wouldn't warn any country about a coming financial crisis. - I wouldn't stop an assassination - I wouldn't win a lottery. I would fly to Vancouver after game two with the tapes of game 3-7 and give them to Gillis when he was buying Champagne prematurely and say "please watch, you will thank me". And then I feel terrible about myself for a few minutes. Also, I would have dumped that bitch of a girlfriend I had. The pain is still real. To answer your question, yes it would make it easier to deal with, but I'm not really having an issue with the rebuild anyways.
  10. Carolina deal is something I could see as a decent trade value-wise. With that said, Carolina has some great young D men in the pipeline and I think its time for them to mass pick forwards in the top 60 to try and fill a soon to be very young hockey team. For Vancouver we have a decent amount of young forwards who could fill middle 6 but need some top tier forwards and defense, so attempting to get any of those at 5th is more beneficial. With that said I wouldn't be apposed to trading down a few spots.
  11. Blues in 7, although I feel a Sharks/Caps final.
  12. That is pretty cool! Bummer Stammer isn't playing Playoffs would have an entirely different feel if he was.
  13. Crosby and Ovi are arguably generational talents. There is no goal scorer in this league like Ovi currently, at least not on such a consistent basis. Crosby is possibly less generational as he has that "great overall game" status that players like Benn, JT, and (obviously) Toews get. Both have more passion than any of us typing could hope to have. With that said, I agree completely. My opinion on the reason why is that Crosby won the cup so early in his career. Much like Jagr getting another paycheck, being awesome, and not being completely destroyed if he doesn't win the cup, I think this is where a Toews vs Crosby argument can be made. In my humble and probably wrong opinion Syd hasn't shown truly that much passion in a good few years, where as that drive burns in Toews like a formula 1 engine. For this reason I always thought Toews is the most complete player in the league, arguably. On Ovi, he wants to win... so.. fracking.. bad.. You don't see his passion often. Hes electric, exciting, passionate, and above all knows a cup win is all he wants in his lifetime. Individual awards be damned, he'd trade all his trophy wins for just a shot at the finals. I love his passion, and that is why I chose Washington as my hopeful winner of the cup as soon as playoff hockey began. The guy pulled himself out of an all star game for being suspended. "My heart is not there. I got suspended, so why [do] I have to go there?" the Capitals' captain and a two-time league MVP said Tuesday. "I love the [All-Star] game. It's a great event. I love to be there." But Ovechkin added: "I feel I'm not deserving to be there right now. If I'm suspended, I have to be suspended." I hope that son ovi gun gets his damn cup this year.
  14. All I can say is I want Hammer to go there as I would love to see him alongside Ovi and Holtby win a cup.
  15. Fancy stats have been Virtanen's friend, and that bodes really well for his future. I really hope he isn't being scratched... McCann I think is getting sat out slightly more than needed but I get the reasoning. Still. Against an opponent like CBJ I sit Henrik one extra game or sit vey/crack....