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  1. Guess Demko likely to get 3 of 4 next starts with b2b on weekend.
  2. 6-4 for the good guys. Predicting lots of scoring from our top two lines.
  3. For the first time in Benning's tenure I am genuinely upset by a decision he is making. Baer and Adam were fire.
  4. I think having Benn-Stecher on the 3rd pairing is going to be huge for us.
  5. So Brizzy survives another round of cuts. Interesting.
  6. Don't need waivers. Could still see a round of cuts after practice.
  7. I'm curious how a Benn-Myers and Edler-Stecher pairings would look.
  8. Man you know I felt bad for Jake last night. Had a dream his house was flooding and he had a bunch of Jay-z's expensive stuff in his basement. Was not a good dream for Jake.
  9. Disappointed that Ferland still isn't playing. Hope it really is just illness and nothing serious.
  10. 59 + 11 years x avg 30-35g = somewhere around 400 goals assuming an 8 year deal after his bridge deal.