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  1. I agree with this sentiment. I think Micheal gets at least 160pts if he plays out his contract with us.
  2. Pettersson - 31 Boeser - 36 Miller -22 Ferland - 22 Horvat - 31 Pearson - 17 Eriksson - N/A Sutter - 7 Virtanen - 15 Beagle - 6 Leivo - 11 Motte - 7 Roussel - 8 Gaudette-7 Edler - 11 Myers - 13 Hughes - 18 Stecher - 7 Benn - 8 Tanev - 4
  3. I like his work with Jake who was called upon to defend leads late in the game by the end of last season. Something you would not have seen a year ago. He's done well to develop Jake as a player who has a better all around game than before. I also like that he genuinely gives players a chance. He gave LE and Goldy chances to prove themselves in top 6 roles and they failed.He gave players like Motte a chance to succeed in a bottom 6 role and he became a mainstay all season due to his efforts. TG is very fair and as you said a players coach, and I think that is what we need most of all.
  4. And replaced by Tyson Barrie next season.
  5. I fully expect Loui to be at camp and play his hardest but will be one of the final cuts which will lead to a domino effect of decisions made by management and Loui's family. 1. Does he report to Utica? 2. Does he get loaned to an AHL affiliate closer to Dallas? 3. Does he go to Europe if he has a clause in his contract? 4. Does he retire? 5. Does he not show up to AHL allowing for the termination due to breach of his contract? 6. Does he make the team as a 13th forward? 7. Does a strong preseason performance lead to a trade? There are many avenues Loui and MGMT can take if it is decided he will not be playing for us next season.
  6. I also think that looking at PP units shows the importance of having a healthy Baer in the lineup as it gives us 7 legitimate threats on forward on the PP (one could make an argue for Virtanen as well but I think Green has learned to trust Virtanen in a PK and 5v5 role as he was spending a lot of important shifts defending late game for the team which is huge for his development on the team as a two way forward.)
  7. Miller Baer-Petey-Boeser Hughes Ferland Pearson-Bo Edler-Myers I've watched Millers PP compilation and he is a dog at getting the puck which will benefit the 1st PP unit's possession. He's also a skilled playmaker, able to dish to Petey, Brock, et all. 2nd unit is a rough and tumble unit that digs for the puck and creates havoc in front of the net. Also builds on the chemistry Bo and Pearson had late last season.
  8. I went with Demko but I could easily have voted for Juolevi. PITB did a prospect pyramid yesterday and it lines up with our voting pretty accurately https://www.vancourier.com/pass-it-to-bulis/the-vancouver-canucks-2019-20-prospect-pyramid-1.23903559 1 was obvious, tier two is playing out exactly as the pyramid is with the guys getting votes.
  9. I somewhat disagree that Baer couldn't play with Sutter and Virtanen. Both are hard nosed, shoot first players. Baer is a skilled playmaker with underrated speed (to keep up with Virtanen). Having a playmaker like that on the wing may lead to less chances of the puck going to die on that line. Also, Baer isn't a perimeter player like some think and is willing to get into the dangerous zones (hence his injuries). I think having Baer and Virtanen on the 3rd line creates 3 scoring lines. Leaves Leivo, Beagle, Ericksson, Motte, Schaller for the 4th line. what a terrible problem to have.
  10. This is pretty much it. Enough to sign Brock.
  11. I screamed and woke up my then girlfriend who came out to me crying tears of joy. Dragon Slayer is best game in recent history for sure.
  12. I think Troy Stecher is a Canuck beyond this season unless two of the following three things happen. 1. We sign Barrie 2. Tryamkin returns 3. Woo shows huge improvement. I love me some Stech and hope he plays out of his mind this season. Contract? Maybe like Ferland 4x3.5M
  13. I want OJ to be successful for one reason. That reason is so he can say "take that" to all the scrutiny he has received in the years since his draft. I want him to have a career that makes talking heads say "we were wrong".
  14. Sydney Crosby scoring on Chris Osgood.