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  1. I feel Horvat will get something like 2x4M as a bridge, knowing sedins will be gone/on short term contract so he can get a big payday later. Guddy on the other hand will probably get a contract somewhere between Tanev and Edlers. Hutton is a wild card. I guess it depends on his season.
  2. It is as stale as there team will look after the expansion draft.
  3. Burr always plays the blues hard. 5-3 Canucks - take lead early and never lose it. Burrows Erickson Dank Sven Erickson
  4. I love that man.
  5. Sedin- Sedin - Eriksson Baer - Bo - Hansen Granlund - Sutter - Virtanen/Skille Burrows - Gaunce - Virtanen/Dorsett/Skille Not too bad actually.
  6. 1040 Speculating maybe something happens before press conference, reason for current delay, with rosters needing to be set.
  7. NEWS 1130 Sports ‏@NEWS1130Sports 2m2 minutes ago Been told don't be surpised if Emerson Etem is on waivers tomorrow. #Canucks
  8. I find this very interesting actually. A guy like him definitely should be...
  9. Bob McKenzie ‏@TSNBobMcKenzie 3m3 minutes ago VAN has released Tuomo Ruutu from his PTO. A decision on Jack Skille, also on a PTO, will be made in the next day or two.
  10. The thing is Virtanen pushes the needle forward in terms of possession numbers. Etem is a terrible possession guy. That alone should be reason to keep Jake over Etem, They both have the size and speed but Jake uses his better.. Just my opinion.
  11. I really hope Burrows can get to 700 games played and/or 400 points. This year is his last with the Canucks most likely. If he has a rebound year maybe he comes in cheap as a 4th liner for a year but most likely not. I love Burr. Never want him to leave. Hope he stays in the organization in some manner for years to come.
  12. Jimmy Carr Eddie Izzard Robin Williams Ricky Gervais George Carlin How someone who looks as posh as Jimmy can have such a filthy mouth is a mystery.
  13. I mean, he would be an attractive piece to another team for expansion reasons. Hes a good #5 guy. I'd just rather keep him.
  14. I understand the risk of losing Biega, but I think that would have been a long shot. The thing is, with Sbisa only needing 29 games, even with a season ending injury early in the season, you could recall Biega if not claimed for his 19 games or you can get Larsen into 40 games this season, or you can sign/trade for a depth guy close to that threshold. Don't lower your teams product just due to expansion risk. We have goalies and forwards covered better than some other teams. Just need to get that one defenseman.