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  1. Highschool: Hated it or loved it?

    I enjoyed most of it. Got good grades, had a rock band that got to record a few songs, went to some really fun parties, teachers liked me. University on the other hand was a nightmare.
  2. [GDT] Canucks @ Kings Oct. 13/2015 7:30PM SNV

    Without doughty the team isn't so tough to play. I see Canucks taking it with a good 3 goal differential. 5-2 nucks Sedins with 4 points
  3. Sedin's are absolutely going to wreck this league in 3v3
  4. Sedins as wingers

    Who knew the right winger the Sedins always needed was actually one of them? I love the combination. Either centre takes their stronger draw and Henrik saucers fr the right. I think it's a great idea.
  5. Expectations for Sbisa?

    To competently play 20 minutes a night, put up 15 points a year minimum, and be less than -5 and I'll be happy with him
  6. Roster for Opening Night vs. Calgary ->

    I think Both rookie forwards will be in our home opener, get the crowd pumped, no need to play both first game away. I like the lineup and hope we can take advantage of a Calgary team without Brodie
  7. Being a Canuck in Toronto.

    I hear ya, but at least the wings/leafs rivalry here offsets the hate we get
  8. [Official] 2015 Canucks Training Camp Thread

    I'm fully expecting Kenins Grenier, Biega, and Fedun to be in the next round of cuts. I think they will either ride 8D or give Corrado another shot before cutting the D to 7. Kenins and Grenier are waiver exempt and haven't played lights out, both early call ups. With Higgins injury that will leave one forward and one defense, or two forwards left to be cut. This preseason is so exciting
  9. I was really hoping expansion would be announced for next year. Guys like sbisa miller and Dorset would easily be left unprotected giving us and additional buttload of cap space for a lucic and/or a seabrook.
  10. 2015 and the problem with 17

    I like the idea of signing Milan just because you do need vets, and the twins won't be around forever. Sutter and Milan is a nice start to the gap between the twins and the young guns taking the reins. I'm all for it. Despite my 2011 feelings.
  11. Been following this project religiously. Bk is my favourite game ever and having both wise and kirkhope on music makes me thrilled!
  12. Team Captains Next Season

    I like the idea of hamhuis. With two letters on the same line a defence man with the third has a good shot at being on the ice for the other 3 lines when something happens.
  13. Standings: Atlantic - Tampa Y -Montreal x -Detroit x -Florida -Boston -Ottawa -Buffalo -Toronto Metro -Washington Z -Pittsburgh x -CBJ x -NYI x -NYR x -Philly -Carolina -NJ Central -Minnesota Y -Chicago x - Nashville x - Winnipeg x - St louis - Dallas - Colorado Pacific: -Anaheim Y - LA x - Vancouver x - Edmonton x - Calgary - SJ - Arizona Final: Anaheim vs Washington Champions: Ovi and the caps Conn Smythe: Holtby Awards: Rocket Richard - Ovechkin Art Ross - John Tavares Selke - Ryan Kesler Norris - PK Subban Calder - Jack Eichel Vezina - Sergei Bobrovsky CANUCKS ~FORWARDS POINT PREDICTION~ Daniel = 81pts - 28g/53a Henrik = 76pts - 15g/61a Vrbata = 55 pts - 28g/27a Horvat = 52pts - 23g/29a Burrows = 47pts - 21g/26a Baer = 44pts - 14g/30a Sutter = 41pts - 22g/19a McCann = 36pts - 16g/20a Hansen = 33pts - 15g/18a Higgins = 29pts - 13g/16a *traded* Virtanen = 23pts - 10g/13a Dorsett = 18pts - 6g/12a Gaunce = 15pts - 4g/11a *1st call up* Prust = 14pts - 3g/11a *traded* Vey = 10pts - 6g/4a *2nd call up* <41games* Grenier 5pts - 1g/4a *3rd call up *<25games* Cracknell = 4pts - 2g/2a <25 games* Jensen = 3pts = 2g/1a *traded<10games* ~DEFENCEMEN POINT PREDICTION~ Edler = 38 pts - 8g/30a Weber = 29pts - 11g/18a Tanev = 29pts - 6g/23a Bartkowski = 22pts 4g/18a Hutton = 21pts 4g/17a Hamhuis = 17 pts 3g/14a *Traded* Sbisa = 14pts -5g/9a Biega = 8pts - 2g/6a *1st call up* Fedun = 4pts 1g/3a *2nd call up* <25games* ~Goalies Win/Save/GAA~ Miller = 30 wins/ .915%/2.45 Markstrom = 16 wins/.913%/2.65 48W - 29L - 5OTL = 101 pts Cyclone Taylor – “Most Valuable Player”: Daniel Sedin - Walter (Babe) Pratt - “Best Defenceman”: Chris Tanev - Pavel Bure – “Most Exciting Player”: Bo Horvat - Fred J. Hume - “Unsung Hero “: Brendan Sutter - Three Star Award - “Most Three Stars Selections”: Henrik Sedin - Cyrus H. McLean – “Leading Scorer”: Daniel Sedin - Daniel/Henrik = Top 15 - Daniel/Henrik = Top 10 in OT pts - Horvat, Virtanen, Sutter, Baertschi, Hutton, Bartkowski, and McCann all join the list of players to score a goal assisted by both Sedins. ULTIMATE FATE: Win a hard fought 7g series against LA only to be ousted by Kes and Juice in 5g series.
  14. He's going to look real good playing with burrows when we inevitably trade the third amigo at the deadline
  15. [Trade] VAN Kevin Bieksa to ANA (v2)

    Any bets on when they grab burrows? TD or next summer? 3 amigos reunited.