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  1. [Discussion] Kevin Bieksa

    4th line right wing pugilist.
  2. I could honestly see a situation where Dahlen and Petterson come in and take their positions by the trade deadline next season. Play these two on a line this year and see if they can get some chemistry going. See if Bear can perform away from Bo and see if Granlund can get some offense going away from the Sedins. A line of Baer-Granlund-Goldobin could be the "show me what you got" line.
  3. The issue with any point percentage after elimination or points in last 20 games determining draft position is lack of parity in schedule. We may feel this is great now but what happens when we see that with out last 20 games we have already played all games against east coast (including bad teams) and still have 8-12 games in California? Or what if Vancouver has more back to backs in that period of time compared to rest of season? Or less home games than other teams? I dont like the current system really and would rather just see picks 1-15 all weighted evenly. If that happens then last games can all be played for pride and development. No weight in wondering what a win will do to affect your team.
  4. New team logo/logo change

    I think I will probably reiterate the feelings of most fans regarding the team image: - Logo is good but would prefer if "Vancouver" was not written above - remove it for a less cluttered chest. OR - Go back to the stick in rink logo as primary logo and just scrap. I like the orca and all it represents along with the native tribal influence. Much more respectful than the Redskins or Blackhawks. If we went literal with the Canucks and had a Johnny Canuck logo as the primary I don't think it would sit as well - Look at the Sens logo - nobody can tell me that is a logo rated in the top half of NHL logos.. Johnny works well as a secondary/shoulder patch.
  5. That is a story line I Don't want to see as we all know how that ends for Ovi...
  6. Jake Virtanen | #18 | RW

    I am loving the player Virtanen is becoming. Last night was incredible. He was an absolute force.
  7. If Sedins were to retire and they wanted an interim captain between Hank and Bo, I feel like it has to be one of the two other players that were still around for the 2011 cup run as the interim Captain should be someone to bridge between old and new. The only remaining roster players are Edler and Tanev. I think Tanev would make the better captain but I think Eagle would get it on seniority.
  8. Troy Stecher | #51 | D

    I think all of us would like a little more offense and I think that will come with his steady increase in ice time over the year moving from less than 13min/g to a steady 20+min/g and even more recently 25+min/g. I am okay if his offense is a little down if he is eating huge ES and PK time. Which brings me to what I cam here to say about Stecher. I think his role on the team has changed arguably the most significantly out of any player on the roster. 2016-17: PP% 56.7% - PK%1.3% 2017-18: PP% 5.1% - PK% 27.4% That is a huge shift in role and probably accounts for the shift in his offensive production dipping as it had. That said, it shows how much more trusted he is on the defensive side of the game. He has essentially replaced a whole 3 min/g from the PP to EV/PK time this year and playing against a higher QoC to boot. Imagine if he was seeing even half of last years power play time? I think we would all be talking about Troy being the best defense man this year. Instead he is more of an unsung hero. Final thought - Troy has 135 NHL games under his belt - one less than Virtanen (who I love and am glad he is putting it all together). in 135 games Troy has shown the potential to be more than a bottom pairing defense man and I am excited for this future with us. I am curious what his next contract will look like...
  9. 1. 1st 2018 2. another high pick (1st 2019 or maybe 2nd 2018 depending on value below) 3. premium piece at same position as player lost - Juolevi 4. premium player replacing potential of pick (petterson/horvat/boeser) 5. roster player in area of need (ei. baer/granlund, hutton, nilsson). or in other words... too much.
  10. Congrats to Lu - moving up in all time wins - Luuuu

    Barring injury I see no reason why he wont be at 500 W and 80 SO by end of next season. What a fantastic goalie.
  11. Jake's Contract..Looks Like What???

    2yr/ 1.25-1.75
  12. Congrats to Lu - moving up in all time wins - Luuuu

    I think he will play out his contract as long as it is in Florida. Yes his salary will decrease but he loves the sport and is in incredible shape (I can't find the article but there was one in the last year showing his regiment and that he is still in fantastic shape.) It helps that he gets to live near his family so for him it must just be like a normal job when playing at home. It also helps that Florida has a very good backup goalie in Reimer who is signed for the next 3 years which allows for a slow move to 50/50 split as Lu ages. I see Florida trying to trade Reimer in 2021 and move in a young up and coming goalie to work with Lu. The 2021-2022 season with be Lu's swan song - a year we see Lu mentor said younger goalie and pass along the reins to as Lu becomes the topic of the media for all of his accolades placing him as one of the best goalies of all time.
  13. [Signing] Canucks sign Kole Lind

    The trolling is real on this thread.
  14. Putting myself in his shoes. Trained or not - you have what I assume is a standard issue pistol and you hear clip after clip of an AR-15 going off in the school - I would be terrified to go in. Now this man will spend every single day of his life ruined in guilt - that is a fate I would wish on no one.
  15. Edler stats watch

    Edler in comparison to historical Vancouver defense: GP: 735 (3rd) - needs 36 to pass Ohlund for 2nd (770)and 47 to pass Snepst (781) G: 80 (3rd) - needs 4 to pass Lumme (83) for 2nd and 14 to pass Ohlund for 1st (93) A: 242 (T-2nd with Lidster) needs 49 to pass Kearns (290) P: 322 (2nd) and only 3 points behind Ohlund for most all time. PPG: 40 (2nd) needs 9 to pass Salo for most all time, PPP: 146 most all time S: 1622 most all time PIM: 469 (9th) 5 GWG, 1 OTG, 1 SHG I think Eagle deserves some respect for sure.