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  1. Average years of playing (Discussion)

    Between 1990 and 2007 19% of drafted players played 200+ games. 200 games is a good marker of a successful draft and usually includes stars, role players, and good depth players and weeds out a few outliars that managed to scrape together 100 games due to a teams' serious lack of depth or injury plagued seasons. Using 19% as the successful players in a draft average and 7 picks for a team (before trades) then you get 1.33 draft picks playing 200 games per team. By this math a team drafting 2 players that go on to play over 200 games can be considered a fairly successful draft. This math holds up with articles I have read in the past, usually as a warning to fans to not get too excited about a draft class and be realistic. Ignoring 2017 and 2016 as it is way too early to tell (imo one looks great, one looks terrible). If you look at our draft history things are pretty bleak in the past decade. http://www.hockeydb.com/ihdb/draft/teams/dr00008756.html 2015 - could be successful dependent on how Gaudette turns out, Boeser will play his 200 games and we have a dark horse in Jasek that could make the draft very successful. 2014 - actually quite a good draft. Virtanen and McCann (FLA) will play 200 games in the NHL already making it a successful draft but Forsling may also end up playing 200 games if he continues to find room in Chicago as depth. Tryamkin is also a possibility as a player that could come back to the NHL and play several seasons. 2006-2013 drafts... I don't want to talk about. After Bo Horvat there is really nothing to write home about and the 2012 draft and 2009 draft are fairly similar in results with a fringe forward and bottom pairing D (Gaunce/Schroeder Hutton/Connauton) as the more successful drafts we have had Luckily our drafting has improved under Jim. Just my opinions..
  2. No idea. Not one of the pundits I follow that's for sure.
  3. Jeff Marek‏Verified account @JeffMarek FollowFollow @JeffMarek More Jeff Marek Retweeted Dhiren Mahiban Dhiren - I said I would not reveal the identity of the player or go market-to-market denying it was each team's prospect but you've boxed me into a corner. This is not accurate. Your sources are wrong. It is not Olli Juolevi. Jeff Marek added, Dhiren MahibanVerified account @dcmahiban Heard from multiple sources that the #NHL prospect who had issues with video games referenced last week on the 31 Thoughts pod is #Canucks pick Olli Juolevi. Show this thread 10:32 AM - 24 May 2018
  4. This is huge as Laurence was up to be next commissioner of the ECHL. If they give him a long leash Toronto could be a force to be reckoned with soon.
  5. One of the best cap crunchers in the industry going to the team with the deepest pockets. Will be interesting to see what he can do there with Dubas.
  6. [Proposal] VAN-EDM

    Tanev can definitely get you a first and I don't think it is unreasonable to expect the 10th from a division rival. I just don't see it happening. That said Chia Pet is Chia Pet. Tanev is probably more likely to get you closer to Phi/Flo 14th or 15th picks.
  7. SCF: (P1) Vegas Golden Knights vs. (M1) Washington Capitals

    Caps just have to play like they have away from home. they are 8-2 in the opponents barn. But this is Vegas. Currently the loudest building in the league. I think if they take either game 1 or 2 they take the series.
  8. I don't think it is a terrible deal. With the cap going up possibly 5+ Mill this year 7 isn't that out of the ordinary for a player of his skills. 7M for Kane is similar to 6M for Eriksson or Lucic two years ago. That said I think Kane will fair better. He is younger than Eriksson with signing this contract and has already shown to have chemistry with the team unlike Eriksson or Lucic did with Van and Edm before signing. Van made the assumption he would get playing time with the twins which didn't really happen and it was "assumed" Lucic would play with McDavid and it would work. Neither situation has fared well. I'm glad we won't have to worry about hearing rumors for the next 6 weeks though.
  9. [Proposal] Van - Avs

    Meant Semi-Finals... no idea why I wrote gold medal game.
  10. [Proposal] Van - Avs

    Alternatively we could trade them Tanev and a 3rd for 6 1st's and the naming rights to Barrie's first born child.
  11. [Proposal] Van - Avs

    LOL. I have my own opinions on if Tanev should be traded and where he would end up but that has been talked about nonstop on every NHL forum available. I wanted to try and get us a draft pick using other assets.
  12. So I was just reading about other teams rosters and what pundits think their teams' off season plans should be when I came across Colorado and this quote: "Jonathan Bernier is also an unrestricted free agent this summer. He is a very strong backup that has the ability to run with starter’s role when Varlamov gets injured. He problem is that he has a hard time staying healthy himself. With Varly’s injury concerns, I would want to see a backup that is a little more dependable than Bernier." Now Bernier put up some really good numbers and even played in the playoffs this year. With that said I see Bernier using those numbers to try and get a longer term deal and/or steal a starting job. Unless Bernier is comfortable taking a 1 or 2 year deal as a backup to Varlamov again due to the team exceeding expectations I don't see him back again. Vancouver on the other hand has a backup goalie in Nilsson that currently has his name in the media a lot right now due to winning gold this summer with an amazing 8-0 record including 3 shutouts. One in the gold medal game. He has the ability to stay healthy and could play the year behind Varlamov with no commitment beyond the year. On the other hand it is probably time for Vancouver to get Demko into 15-20 games in the NHL to see where he is at. He has put in his work in the AHL and deserves the shot to play so moving out Nilsson is a more appetizing option than sending Demko to the AHL or putting Nilsson on waivers. So just a simple trade really. To Colorado: Anders Nilsson To Vancouver 2018 4th Colorado has a backup goalie able to steal games for them if Varlamov goes down - Vancouver reacquires a pick in the 4th round to make up for the pick lost in Pouliot trade. Thats it.