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  1. anyone have a live stream?
  2. how the hell do you do that so fast.... years later I am still in amazement.
  3. I would love to see the twins explode for one of those 8 point nights that we have missed so much. 5-3 Good guys! The clap makes the kittens hide in a closet.
  4. 4-3 OTL - Twins put up 4 points - Cap'n Hank puts up #1,000 against old cap'n Lu - Lu gets career win #450 - Everyone goes home feeling pretty good actually. Edit: This only happens if Florida loses to Edmonton. If they win against the coilers then 4-3 Van.
  5. I have a good feeling about pt# 1,000 tonight. 4-2 for the good guys. Daniel, Eriksson, Bo, Burr.
  6. Yeah I wouldn't mind seeing him on this back to back. Wonder how he'd fair with the twins. same goes for Rodin though. Would love to see both play a game in Magna's place. 5-3 Canucks, Henrik hits 998 points by end of night. 1 goal by Gaunce. 2 from the BurrBoBaer
  7. He's is 35 right? If his play stays strong sign him to a 1 year deal with performance bonuses.
  8. Thornton and Marly will come off the books before this contract starts looking bad.
  9. I feel that if Hansen is unprotected, he is taken in a heartbeat.
  10. I feel Horvat will get something like 2x4M as a bridge, knowing sedins will be gone/on short term contract so he can get a big payday later. Guddy on the other hand will probably get a contract somewhere between Tanev and Edlers. Hutton is a wild card. I guess it depends on his season.
  11. It is as stale as there team will look after the expansion draft.
  12. Burr always plays the blues hard. 5-3 Canucks - take lead early and never lose it. Burrows Erickson Dank Sven Erickson
  13. I love that man.
  14. Sedin- Sedin - Eriksson Baer - Bo - Hansen Granlund - Sutter - Virtanen/Skille Burrows - Gaunce - Virtanen/Dorsett/Skille Not too bad actually.