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  1. 1. 1st 2018 2. another high pick (1st 2019 or maybe 2nd 2018 depending on value below) 3. premium piece at same position as player lost - Juolevi 4. premium player replacing potential of pick (petterson/horvat/boeser) 5. roster player in area of need (ei. baer/granlund, hutton, nilsson). or in other words... too much.
  2. Congrats to Lu - moving up in all time wins - Luuuu

    Barring injury I see no reason why he wont be at 500 W and 80 SO by end of next season. What a fantastic goalie.
  3. Jake's Contract..Looks Like What???

    2yr/ 1.25-1.75
  4. Congrats to Lu - moving up in all time wins - Luuuu

    I think he will play out his contract as long as it is in Florida. Yes his salary will decrease but he loves the sport and is in incredible shape (I can't find the article but there was one in the last year showing his regiment and that he is still in fantastic shape.) It helps that he gets to live near his family so for him it must just be like a normal job when playing at home. It also helps that Florida has a very good backup goalie in Reimer who is signed for the next 3 years which allows for a slow move to 50/50 split as Lu ages. I see Florida trying to trade Reimer in 2021 and move in a young up and coming goalie to work with Lu. The 2021-2022 season with be Lu's swan song - a year we see Lu mentor said younger goalie and pass along the reins to as Lu becomes the topic of the media for all of his accolades placing him as one of the best goalies of all time.
  5. [Signing] Canucks sign Kole Lind

    The trolling is real on this thread.
  6. Putting myself in his shoes. Trained or not - you have what I assume is a standard issue pistol and you hear clip after clip of an AR-15 going off in the school - I would be terrified to go in. Now this man will spend every single day of his life ruined in guilt - that is a fate I would wish on no one.
  7. Edler stats watch

    Edler in comparison to historical Vancouver defense: GP: 735 (3rd) - needs 36 to pass Ohlund for 2nd (770)and 47 to pass Snepst (781) G: 80 (3rd) - needs 4 to pass Lumme (83) for 2nd and 14 to pass Ohlund for 1st (93) A: 242 (T-2nd with Lidster) needs 49 to pass Kearns (290) P: 322 (2nd) and only 3 points behind Ohlund for most all time. PPG: 40 (2nd) needs 9 to pass Salo for most all time, PPP: 146 most all time S: 1622 most all time PIM: 469 (9th) 5 GWG, 1 OTG, 1 SHG I think Eagle deserves some respect for sure.
  8. Favourite Canucks of all time!

    Bieksa - mainly for his work with mental health organizations.
  9. Rate the Last Game You Played

    Doki Doki Literature Club. What an adventure. Doesn’t look like much but wow am I shook. 5/5 and it’s free
  10. [Signing] Canucks sign Jonah Gadjovich

    He has to play OHL this year, will need to play NHL or OHL next year, no AHL.
  11. Darren Archibald | #49 | RW/LW

    Quick question about waivers - since he doesn't have an NHL contract can we send him to Utica and then sign him to a contract to negate going through waivers and possibly losing him? I think he has earned some time in the big league this year.
  12. Erik Gudbranson | #44 | D

    I like Gudy, and I think our right side is the strong side for us, we have an offensive dynamo, a defensive god, and a physical (and handsome) stay at home guy. Perfect for all sitiatins.
  13. Burrows? Do We Really Need Him?

    Anybody else stop and go "Wow, we are down to 4 players from our 2011 run, and it is not the 4 players I though it would be"?
  14. Oh, awesome, wasn't aware! Should definitely see a handful of guys I was looking forward to.
  15. Probably going to see that Erickson-Sutter-Vanek line to day I would assume. Probably have Hutton and Weircioch on defense as well for vets. Really hopping to see Lind and Gady in the lineup, same with any two of subban, joulevi, and mceneny.