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  1. are you in b lot? i got the shoveler guys to clear a handicap spot (the closest one possible to the school) up for me and parked there, didn't get a ticket.
  2. last wednesday when they said they'd announce something at 1030, the announcement came at like 11:10....
  3. ps- i was in a tutorial on the 5th floor of the aq today and saw some guy try to walk accross the pond, slip, and fall. i was hoping so much that the ice would break...
  4. one of the hitch hikers i picked up kept saying, "omg its chinese new year, tank u tank u tank u "
  5. pfft, we blasted cher.
  6. my friend was on the bus that like, T-Boned the other bus. i was in that intersection at the time. FUN TIMES. i refuse to go tomorrow.
  7. ^ lucky. i left my lab early because i figured this would happen... i'm pretty proud of the fact that i made it down without snowtires ?
  8. did you drive or walk down
  9. i left 10 mintues before they stopped letting people drive down, picked up 4 hitch hikers, had lovely singalongs. actually had a lot of fun being in that traffic for 2.5 hours. --> always look at the brightttt side of life, doodoodoo doo, do doo doo
  10. sorry, but you people cannot comment on the matter at hand if you weren't there to experience it yourself.
  11. not gonna lie, i kinda wish i was up there. so much friendship is probably happening right now
  12. i picked up 4 today.