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  1. what is your favourite christmas gift ever?

    When I was a kid in the sixties, my dad woke us (six brothers) up christmas morning and told us to come down stairs. Standing there in the kitchen were three Shetland ponies. We totally lost it. Started bawling with happiness which upset dad thinking we were disappointed. Mom set the record straight and the poor ponies were given more hugs and scritches than their whole lives combined. Thinking this was the greatest Christmas ever, we got to work shoveling the horse poop off the kitchen floor and giving it a good scrub. Then it was off to Gramma and Grampa's house for dinner. When we got there Grampa took us to the pond out back and there on the freshly scraped pond was a box with six pairs of used skates and six cheapo McLouds hockey sticks. We thought we'd died and gone to heaven. That was our best Christmas, best presents, and where our love of hockey started. Happy holidays.
  2. What truly makes you happy?

    When my two grown up children call me and tell me they miss and love me. Having them visit. My two big shaggy dogs that compete for my affection. My wife when she rolls over in the morning to to give me that sleepy smile. I dont have a lot of material things due to past circumstances but I feel rich none the less. It's a funny old world, isn't it. Happy Holidays.
  3. Only until the next Democrat gains the presidency with support from house and senate will it get better. SMHS
  4. Yes, did they interview the neighbors to see if he was more than a social drinker? The number one reason for leaving the scene is drinking or drugs.
  5. Donald J. Trump, 45th US President of the United States

    I'm still holding out for the grandest, best, most wonderful long troll ever perpetrated in the history of U.S politics. When he loses, (and he will) I fully expect him to use the troll excuse because Donald Trump never loses ( according to him). At the very least he will quit when it starts looking like a major shellacking. It'l be glorious. Anyhoo, while I'm wishing, would anyone like a pony?

    Here ya go. This tells it a bit better than you do.
  7. Ha, we used to call it the Scarlet Anus after one of the crew got a little green from some questionable clams he ate. It was a great place to wind down after a long day in the woods. There was a huge logging camp in Holberg at the time and CFB Holberg was still up and running. It was a wild and wooly place till all the closures and cutbacks happened. I agree that it is truly one of the most beautiful places on the Island. Damn, now I'm homesick again. Thread jack over.
  8. The Tri-Port area on the North Island is pretty much the same as riffraff stated. Friendly folks who treat everyone with respect. /lived in Hardy for twenty years //still miss it. ///don't miss the rain though
  9. Walmart employees will be dancing in the aisles.
  10. Donald J. Trump, 45th US President of the United States

    I get it alright, you love him, you really really do. Good luck with that. Try not to be too disappointed when the house of Trump comes crashing down like the trade center buildings.
  11. Donald J. Trump, 45th US President of the United States

    Actually you do. Whom ever is elected will have a far reaching effect on Canadians. I have to say that this election cycle is the most entertaining cycle I have ever witnessed, and I'm old.
  12. Donald J. Trump, 45th US President of the United States

    I could post a thousand links and like a true trump supporter you'd stick your fingers in your ears and shout na na na and say I can't hear you, so I'm not going to waste my my time anymore. Enjoy your delusion while you can. I will be enjoying the Dems new SCOTU*S pick stiggin it back to the Republicans.
  13. Donald J. Trump, 45th US President of the United States
  14. Donald J. Trump, 45th US President of the United States

    I can comprehend it quite well. The way you finagled that link to come to your conclusion was masterful. Trump IS a racist shiatheel.