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  1. Man, what a fricking game. Miller completely stoned the Flames. Although we severely out-shot them, he faced some real quality chances and tossed them away. I'm a huge Lack fan, but Miller has really proved himself from last game. And look what happens when you give the Sedins more than 15 minutes.. They were dominating possession most of the shifts that they were out there, and won us the game. Game 6 is going to be even more intense than today, but we have to get this back to a game 7. Can't come out flat at all on Saturday, hopefully this shifts the momentum in our favour. GO CANUCKS GO
  2. Yeah... I'd rather not have any more attention being on him as it is... (also reaffirming the idiocy of Bieksa's comments) Let's just come out flying and play desperate. Losing isn't an option tomorrow and I'm sure they're all feeling pretty anxious about playing tomorrow too. No more focus needs to put on the Calgary team, it's all on the Canucks tomorrow. We haven't even seen great hockey from Calgary, we've just shot ourselves in the foot. There isn't any reason to give them that validation. GO CANUCKS GO (please )
  3. at this rate it'd be best to start Miller in the 2nd. Eddie hasn't been terrible, but he doesn't look like he'll exactly steal it the rest of the way. Hopefully a goalie change ignites some fire with everyone else (doubt it though lol)
  4. can't fricking believe this effort
  5. Lack has no room for error at all now... Especially since Canucks are unwilling to put pressure on the crease like Calgary does. Hiller isn't that god for crying out loud, we've scored enough 5-hole goals on him
  6. If the reports of McMillan playing are true...............................
  7. Man this game is just disheartening.. Willie needs to make some changes with the line-up for next game, we're just completely being overwhelmed by the Flames tonight and not even causing much havoc at all
  8. Canucks bounce back big after marginally losing to the Flames on Wednesday.. 3-1 Canucks D. Sedin, Vrbata and Kenins YA BABY DOUSE THE FLAMES !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. Wow.. people acting as if we played like complete crap. Overall I'd say we were the better team tonight. It's always the same story every time that we can't bury our chances, but we are by no means out of it. Calgary is a VERY beatable team, and Canucks seemed overwhelmed since their tying goal. Both Lack and Hiller had stellar games, hopefully it's a higher scoring game on Friday. However, we should not be playing Sbisa and Bieksa in key moment like that. Sbisa was a -2 tonight... and judging from what we've seen in the regular season, I'm not expecting him to miraculously be better. There was more good than bad to take from this game. Not the result we wanted but whatever onto the next game!!!! THIS IS THE FLAMES WE'RE TALKING ABOUT GUYS
  10. only a matter of time before one goes in.. we're pressing
  11. Wishing that Bennett wasn't played in favour of Raymond right about now
  13. You know this game isn't going to end well....
  14. This was not a pretty game to be at... Man o man, I felt terrible for Markstrom.... he wasn't as bad as his save percentage indicated. He should definitely be given the chance to bounce back next game. Canucks offensively were creating a lot of chances, just had no luck with them going in the net Defensively we are collapsing more and more each game without Edler, Tanev, Bieksa (kind of).