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  1. The most exciting thing for me about the Canucks this year is they know they can play better and they seem quite unsatisfied with how they've played so far.
  2. Miller is awesome and I so don't miss those demoralizing weak goals and last second goals we had last year. I thought Horvat had some great puck battles and didn't look out of place at all. I'm excited for his future. Besides Miller, the most impressive thing with this team is the balanced scoring across the lines. Having the ability to roll 4 lines and make it count is such a luxury and will build an even stronger team as the year goes on. This is the kind of game the Canucks would have definitely lost last year.
  3. I like the show. It's entertaining except those days when Pratt is on his man period. Jake knows very little about sports so he fits right in with the rest of us sports fans. He speaks ( in an ill-informed way) for the people. If they had a few more actual experts on the show giving some insight instead of pretended experts like Botchford, I would like the show better.
  4. I say let the GM do his job. He hasn't made any glaring mistakes yet. I hate the idea of tanking to get better and the league seems to agree that it's not going to be the way to go about it in the future. Teams like Detroit, Boston and obviously LA have gone about it in the right way and tankers like Pittsburgh, Chicago, Colorado and Edmonton (who even failed at tanking so far) are tainted in my view. Benning has a great eye for talent and this will pay dividends and we don't have to go through these long stretches of embarassing versions of our team.