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  1. Jannik Hansen

    Hansen the honey badger? WhereTF have you been
  2. Zack Kassian Talk

    Hide Dasein, unacceptable. but what your post count will suffer??? ****** **** I wait on my father hand and day, not fun, but it sure is uplifting reading your judas statements. Sounds like lack the sense of what life entails. death is finite. Kass and Buff are driven by something your daddy could've prepard you for. your righteous one,
  3. Zack Kassian Talk

    Partronising c**t Don't compare the two. In that sense..
  4. Jordan Schroeder Talk

    Schroeder seems to have slow starts. Last year, MacT went to him as his go to guy in a place (CHI) where they want to win/compete now. Dont forget last years stretch drive when Schroeder hit 20 mins in all situations. The frigging microscope is focused so much especially now with the lockout. He's not minus player. Aint to 8-5 games like the ones CoHo is racking up assists in thatnks to the AHL goal leader Foligno.
  5. Zack Kassian Talk

    Thanks for the reminder video. Kass had the drop on him, but Staubitz' veteran exp capitalized when Kass' feet shuffled and moved 90degrees. Kass coulda had that fight, but did well enough to open some eyes. Brad is a knuckle dragger, Kass needs his knuckles to grip and rip'em off his stick But back on Lucic. Whom I consider THE BEAR. Kass being that 4 yr old male willing to challenge. Another note I dare to say... Lucic has lead of life of leisure. Kass has fought hardships and is driven similarily, but again (dare I say) poised for more longevity.
  6. Brendan Gaunce Talk

    Neither does he... what is he soft now? The very best players in the world get injured. Speaking from no experience on the guy I'll shut up. But I will comment as far as to say you've made a thoughtless statement.
  7. Brendan Gaunce Talk

    Yea the dates aren't looking good to see Gaunce in the WJ, where he'd be a returning vet if I'm not mistaken. Another other of our prospects in the WJHC ?
  8. Zack Kassian Talk

    So Kassian in the same echelon as Neil, Hartnell, Torres annnd Bert. Sounds concise. Bert is a bit above Hartnell, a full level above Neil and twice as good as Torres, whom I love.
  9. Zack Kassian Talk

    NOW... if it happened in BOS or VAN would that factor in? IMO the bout will be 3-5 years away but it will happen. BUT if Kass does fight him this year, We'll know the bull has horns to take on Lucic.
  10. Zack Kassian Talk

    We'll look back and see the lockout as beneficial to Kassian. (Like Kes in 04-05) Basically, ZK's career would be in AV's hands. Vig has a heavy hand and not a coach for the faint of heart. Many variables that put Kass on the fourth line last year during the stretch. Remember when the Isles shipped out Bert, he was like a Steve Bernier at the time, wildcard if you will. In this day and age, prospects don't **** around. It's either mega bucks or a life of regrets and what could've been. Think of Dusty Buf and where his hard work has gotten him, never mind that good time he had on the lake As for the Torres/ Kassian/ Neil. Great comparisons and very smart juxtapositions from CDC.
  11. SKID ROW - 'Monkey Business' THAT is swagger....

  12. Formerly: -CoHo- Presently: ZackAttack-9

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      Fail... it's traitor, and CoHo is my favorite player playing in America.

  13. I like Madonna.. a lot.

  14. Botching Up.. The Effort to Get Mason Raymond Traded

    he's tripping on the power man!
  15. Jordan Schroeder Talk

    Last I read this thread, Nov. 24th It looked grim for both the CHI Wolves and J.S. Glad to see that as one has improved, so has the other. He was semi-close to making the big squad 2 years ago. Hope he gets a look soon to get a nice fat NHL pay cheque and a taste of the NHL... to remind him of why he toils.
  16. Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

    Everyone having fun in Blackreach??
  17. Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

    SKYRIM IS GREAT! lmao.
  18. Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

    Ok thanks, how do you enjoy the game overall? I think I really like the simple fact that you can pause it at anytime, unlike a game like WoW or any online game I imagine. I hated that about WoW.... it's actually why I stopped playing. There was too much of a uninterupted time demand that made me feel controlled
  19. Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

    Exactly, if one is going to spend time on a game, I'd prefer to know exactly what is going on and know the possibilities. For a game like this, I don't see how one would really want to be without. EDIT: For people who have the game could you possibly talk about the difficulty levels and also your thoughts on 3rd person combat.. From what I've seen it looks good and I hope to spend 99% of time playing in 3rd.
  20. Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

    Ordered the game and the guide, i actually need to stay in and stop blowing my money, I figured this was a reasonable way to do that.
  21. Man, u just stuck both feet in your mouth


  22. Thanks for the Manny update dude!

  23. OMG Earthquake?

    Ahahaa. shine on you crazy diamond. K, advised ignore button pressed, the only advice I'll ever take from such a self righteous digital person. You and Dazzle may be the same person, I wonder about that.
  24. OMG Earthquake?

    Sharpshooter, you're incredibly annoying.