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  1. [PGT] Canucks 2, Stars 3

    Yeah. We've only had one shootout this year. Out of all the things to complain about, Higgins in the shootout is not one of them.
  2. [PGT] Canucks 2, Stars 3

    GOOD: Henrik, Daniel, Hansen, Miller, Edler, Tanev, Bartkowski, Prust, Dorsett, Cracknell. BAD: All in between. UGLY: Vrbata, Higgins, Sbisa, Weber.
  3. [PGT] Canucks 2, Stars 3

    PK needs to better. Another 2 PPGA. If our PK stops one of those 2-1 Nucks. OT PK was sexy though, but that was largely on Millsey.
  4. Value of the Canucks.

    Or unsurprising, as Toronto continues to be a miserable franchise, while Montreal has had a consistently good team AND the one of the most, if not most, hardcore fanbases in hockey.  
  5. Daniel Sedin named second star of the week

    It just goes to show what we still could be if we had the right supporting cast. But we don't and we are grooming the next wave. Hopefully the Sedin's are not too far into the latter half of their careers before that happens. If we can get our young guys to be competitive with 2-3 years I can see us being contenders with the Sedins for a couple years again. If there is a strong enough build of a team they might even be able to play as third liners in 4-5 years on a competitive team. Danny boy, oh Danny boy... Oh and almost forgot... even when struggling earlier this season they were still generating a ton of scoring chances, but just weren't converting. Their recent play hasn't picked up that much other than they are finishing chances they weren't earlier. If only the rest of the team was as ready as them...
  6. OF COURSE they score. Can only lose by one. Obviously.
  7. Jannik "Stone Hands" Hansen

    There is a reason Hansen has been on the team since 2007 and has not been let go. Since 2010 he has only missed 11 (or more) games in a season once, and that was the Torts year. He has 2 seasons where he missed a single game, and 2 where he missed none. That is some serious durability. His defensive game has always been top end. He was integral to the Torres Malhotra/ Lapierre Hansen shutdown line of 2011. Whichever line he has been since 2010 has been the teams best defensive forward line. He knows where to be during defensive plays and is great at forcing turnovers. He is not exceptionally aggressively physical like some others, but he has always been gritty and willing to contribute some physicality. His physicality is better than average though in NHL, even though he isn't a "fighter" (as if that was what it required to be "tough"). He doesn't back down under physical play from other teams, even in rougher games. He's a sandpaper type paper that is excellent at grinding out rough wins. His forechecking is top end in the NHL as well. Hansen has great wheels as well and is one of the faster players in the NHL. This has always been a huge asset to the team, as he can break the zone quickly or get to loose pucks. It has even given him offensive chances at times. Hansen gets a lot of flack for his "lack" of scoring skill. He can score goals and make plays. Unlike some players, the play never "dies" on his stick, even if he doesn't have top end finisher skills. The only knack offensively really is that he can't consistently be relied on as a primary scorer. Newsflash people, that's 90+% of the leagues forwards. Put him in his proper role and he is one of the best at it in the NHL. People get hung up on him not being a consistent top 6 player, when he is one of the best bottom 6 player in the NHL. He's a second grade 2nd liner but an A grade bottom six player. Even so, he can fill in as a second liner and not drop the line like an anchor. His biggest asset is that he can play on all 4 lines. That is not an exaggeration either. Every line he plays on succeeds, even the 1st line. People forget that hockey is about more that goals and assists. The best playing line is not always the one who scores the most. You have to look whether they are good defensively, are they strong at controlling play, are they less prone to mistakes, are they good at generating offense, and so on. His line almost always fits that definition, even if it has low point totals. He's the perfect third liner because, because no promotion is too much for him to handle (aside from the fact that he can't be a prime scorer). Any winger can go down in the lineup and he can immediately fill that hole. How many players can you actually say that about. The length of his service is an asset too. He has a genuine commitment to this city and the team. You can't buy that. He knows the ins and outs of Vancouver by now, which is great for leadership. Being a (as far as I know) genuinely nice person helps too, because it helps smooth new players into teams. He has become a *quiet* leader on the team for a few seasons, and has helped players like Horvat, Hodgson (in that one season), and now McCann. Young guys show immediate progress when they play time with him. That's unique. On top about it, his commitment has never been questionable. He worked his way into the NHL by the skin of his teeth, and he has made it this far by never wavering on that. The reason he has such a good defensive game is simply because he works that hard. Being lazy is not Hansen's way.  Aside from his speed and decent shot, he doesn't have much pure offensive game, but his work ethic is what has really has gave him any offensive ability. That work ethic is rare even among professional athletes. Even more, he has never demanded anything. His caphit has always been low, which many think because he has never held value, but when really it's largely because he doesn't demand himself a high salary the same way many players who have put . His ppg totals have been: 2009:  .381, 2010: .319, 2011: .353 (also number one shutdown line in league all season), 2012: .476, 2013: .575, 2014: .281 (career low),  2015: .407, 2016 to date: 619 (but due for regression to average). As a result, he is worth more than he is paid for his full contributions, but he doesn't (as far as anyone can tell) care. A real character player. Bottom line: He is a top end offensive player with second rate scoring ability, who is also a character player and a leader player as well, a player that does his role like a rare few can with next to no hassle. Why haven't we dropped this bum yet? I heard Kyle Wellwood doesn't have an NHL contract currently? But really, he's one of my favorite players.    
  8. [GDT] Vancouver vs Toronto, 4:00pm

    Or pay for a flight.
  9. [GDT] Vancouver vs Toronto, 4:00pm

    You were right! You win a free trip to Mexico! *Disclaimer: Free trip does not cover cost of getting to, or staying in Mexico.*
  10. [GDT] Vancouver vs Toronto, 4:00pm

    Honestly, I was actually expecting this before the season started. I'm just disappointed that's all. The future is bright: Hutton Horvat McCann Virtanen Shinkaruk Gaunce Baertschi Markstrom all are players on the cusp of becoming NHL regulars. And that's not even including Demko, who had 6/7 games won with a SO. Long term I'm hopeful. Short term I'm in a little bit of pain!
  11. [GDT] Vancouver vs Toronto, 4:00pm

    It's true though. We haven't had a PP this game, but previous games? We've given up more SH goals than PP goals for.
  12. [GDT] Vancouver vs Toronto, 4:00pm

    What's wrong with us?
  13. Special teams are a fail