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  1. Thatcher Demko | G

    What the hell? Cloutier was an NHL goalie for years with excellent talent. Regardless of whether he played consistently under pressure, he does know what it takes. You don't need to be the best "skill" wise to be an excellent teacher, you just have to know what you are doing. The teaching aspect is another skill in itself. If a goalie has that retort to a coach then he's a sour brat (not saying Demko would). That's a low blow response to advice, rejecting it with a retort about how the coach failed 13 years ago. The corner advice might seem obvious, but that's just the surface level of what it is. What he really is saying is you can't cheat like in college or junior as much, as guys have quicker and more accurate shots (corners). A goalie coach's job is to tell a goalie what they need to do to do better. Any goalie happy with their play is doomed to fail. Demko had an amazing season in college, but that means jack all in the AHL or NHL if a player can't transition their play between leagues. Besides, sometimes the best teachers are the ones who got close at the highest level but failed (often miserably), because they are the ones who know exactly where they went wrong. Winners sometimes are more blind to their flaws.
  2. Next year's assistant captains

    I don't think it's his personality to be a leader. There's nothing wrong with that in my opinion, especially if he's honest about it. Either way he is still a role model, so his influence will still be had, but being a role model is not the same thing as mentor/leader. Mentoring involves actively taking participating in the development of a person, and leadership involves bringing out the best in the people around you and providing direction. A role model simply provides a good example simply by doing what they are doing. Role models are still important to have around, to compliment the leaders and mentors. Some people don't make good mentors, despite being quality people. They just are not strong in the ability to actively communicate how another can improve. Now none of these are mutually exclusive, and a person can be any 1, 2 or 3. A person might be a good leader but a terrible role model or an excellent mentor but a weak leader. Typically the absolute best leaders are leaders, mentors, and role models (Sedins), but this is not always necessarily true. In short: Leaders - Provide direction, cohesion, and unity Mentors - Actively participate in the development of others Role Models - Provide a good example simply by doing what they do (requires no modification of behaviour) I don't think this diminishes his value to the team, but he should never wear the A. He wouldn't want it, and he wouldn't suit the role. While the A (or C) is just a patch, and true leaders don't necessarily need them, they do have value. Within a team they have symbolic value, indicating a position of worth and power. It creates implicit authority by wearing it, even though it is not necessary to establish authority (in others minds and in the mind of the self). They also can be seen as rewarding commitment and success. Also, they have practical uses beyond psychological ones. The captains are responsible to the media, management, and on-ice officials. They have an official duty to these roles, which can put certain players in uncomfortable positions (Luongo). They also are the de facto players to talk to when trying to talk to a team. They also are typically responsible to work closest with the coaching staff out of all the players. In short again: The C and As may be on the surface level 'just letters,' and not affect leadership ability, but actually do serve a useful function on a sports team.
  3. All of Horvat's Goals (2015-16)

    I see him crossing 20 goals next year if he can build off this year. He had some great stretches, some meh stretches, and some ugly stretches, but if he can work on becoming more consistent he could become great. He was placed in one of the hardest roles in hockey this year, with comparable deployment to Bergeron, Kesler, and Couture (elite two-way players), which makes his season look less impressive than it was. If he can take another step next year, 50 points is not impossible (though 40 would be acceptable again). This year he had long pointless stretches, if he could shorten the dry spells his offense could be top 6 next season. His defensive play will come along as well... he was tasked with the hardest defensive matchups in the league (again like Kelser and Bergeron), which exposed him more than if he was able to split with another defensively skilled centre like Sutter (next year maybe?!). There was no safety net for Bo this season, but even so he did a commendable job.
  4. Hey, I have to point out the one thing I got right. Everything else was a mess. True story. Also, I don't think I got a single team in the right spot (give or take). Tragic.
  5. I was very wrong. The only thing I got right was the bolded part. Oh and Horvat did get 40+ points playing tough defensive minutes.
  6. The end of an era. It's possible only Sedins, Hansen, and maybe Edler are left from the 2006/07-2014/15 era next season (Tanev only joined in 2011 and looks to be part of the new era).
  7. After all the misery of the season, this made things feel a little better. We might draft someone amazing this year, making it worth it, but ending on a high note with some players leaving makes it less painful. This may be farewell Burrows...
  8. Holy sticks that was a nice goal Hansen.
  9. It's nice to want to win again.
  10. Tryamkin has got it

    He looks like a beast in the making.
  11. Tryamkin has got it

    I can't really disagree other than to suggest he might be useful in a mentor role to show players like Virtanen how to play with an edge. I would consider leaving that wing open to be upgraded after we have a more stable core following this coming season. Big and physical checking winger is a demand role, but not a prime demand role like shutdown top 6 centre or 1st pairing defenseman. It's a hole that can easily be filled assuming we have capspace. For now I think we are better off finding players to form a solid core and filling the prime demand roles of the core.
  12. Tryamkin has got it

    I don't actually think we'll get Lucic this summer. I see him re-signing with LA. I just liked the thought. Ladd would also be another guy on that line that would make it brutal a checking line. That would free up our other middle six line to be more offensive and this one is defensive/forechecking and still capable of scoring: essential for a modern top 9 in the NHL.
  13. Tryamkin has got it

    Picture this: Lucic - Horvat - Virtanen Pedan - Tryamkin Mother of god that would be brutal on the body.
  14. Tryamkin has got it

    Tryamkin + Virtanen + (assuming he pans out as a top 6 dman) Pedan is a tough combination. All 3 are big, strong and tough and can lay crushing hits. For all the criticism Benning has received, our team is much more physical now than it was 2 years ago. Add one or two more physical players to the team (probably bottom 6 forwards or a 6-7 dman) and we are one of the tougher teams to play against in the league. Horvat is big and strong, but not overly physical, which is okay assuming we have more physical players to surround him. He's big enough to hold his own but has players like Tryamkin around him to really take it to the other team.