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  1. The Two Year Rebuild a CDC Story

    Not to mention lost in the finals without their #1D. We were 2-0 with Hamhuis. 1-4 without. Boston without Chara would have been a different series.
  2. Connor McDavid NHL 17 Cover

    Well Scott did beat Kane in a fight and score two goals in an all star game.
  3. Linden on TSN1040 Jan 19

    I know enough to know I know nothing.
  4. Linden on TSN1040 Jan 19

    Okay champ. I don't think you understand a thing about how NHL coaching works.
  5. Canucks - Who is our next Core ?

    You are judging this based on his play as a #1 expected to provide top offensive production and top shutdown minutes. There are not many defenseman in the league who would do his current job better. His top years were when we had someone else in the #1 role.
  6. Can We Start Cutting Vey A Little Slack?

    We still have Weber and Edler. Prust as well.
  7. Canucks - Who is our next Core ?

    You are judging his ability to play a #2-4 role from his ability to play #1 role. He's playing above where he should be, which means increased mistakes. The hate some people have provides some ridiculous biases.  He may not be good enough to be a #1 on a contending team, but he is good enough to play a top 4 roll. Remove Edler from our blueline and we become a bottom feeder. He currently is a #1 on a bubble playoff team (which is ~60 of the league).  
  8. [POLL] Age Demographic of Canucks Talk

    Born in '92. Fan since along as I can remember.
  9. My one hope is that the Sedins win the cup they deserve before they retire. It would be one of the greatest stories in the history of hockey. I honestly would cry.
  10. Overall, I agree with you. I didn't mean to imply he was a lock. I just think they are going to make sure he has a full opportunity to make the roster next season. I think they are planning on him making it, but will obviously have a backup plan for if he needs another season or two in the AHL (all the forwards you mentioned). I don't even think McCann or Virtanen are locks for next season. Horvat, Baertschi, and Etem (based on his waiver status) are probably the only young forwards that are locks for next season. McCann and Virtanen will have to reestablish themselves at the start of next season, and Vey is currently in a precarious bubble position. Gaunce and Grenier are also knocking on the door as well, and the odds are they will get opportunities as well. Cracknell (although not a young guy) may very well come back as #13 again, but it will be his play in the second half that will dictate it.  
  11. Either way, next game our first line is going to be straight thuggin'. Lowlife Thug - The Ironman - 4th Line Goon
  12. Which would have been fine if it was a year shorter. It's still a year too long. This season it didn't really hurt us, because this year is a growing pains year. Next year is probably as well, but we are going to want to make some progress on the rebuild and buy a decent higher priced UFA or two. $4.5 is a lot of for the 12/13th forward producing < 20 points. I'm not hating on Burrows or anything. It was a mistake to give it this much term.
  13. Dorsett practicing with the twins in WSH

    Yeah, Caps have only 7 regulation losses. Can't blame the coach who has a tweener roster for losing against the BEST team in the league at the moment.
  14. His caphit made sense at the time of signing, but was/is a year too long. It wouldn't be much of an issue if he was a UFA this year and would only be egregiously overpaid for the final year. Instead it takes up $4.5 next season when we are expecting to make some big changes while the cap stagnates. Right now it's like an anchor that is the difference between a $58 million roster (with ~$12 for UFAs) and $62 million roster (with ~$8 for UFAs).
  15. Benning has said that if Shinkaruk is called up he expects him not to be sent back down. Right now Hunter is ripping up the AHL and demonstrating that he appears ready for an NHL spot. This indicates that most likely Shinkaruk will be occupying a winger position next year. Sedin Sedin Sutter Baertschi Horvat Virtanen Shinkaruk Vey/McCann Etem Dorsett Vey/Gaunce Hansen Out: Burrows, Vrbata That's the forward group I expect to see next year (mix/ match lines as chemistry dictates). It seems pretty solid. It's not a cup winner, but it is a transition lineup that gives spots to 9/13 players aged 24 and younger. Youth movement. I see it as moving towards something competitive. For that reason I don't think we need to target any forward UFA's, unless someone like Lucic falls into our laps for a decent caphit (or Stamkos: in the unlikely scenario Stamkos is attainable, we build around him- he has many topline years left in him). Where we have needs is defense. This season our forwards have not been our biggest problem, despite the lack of production from the bottom 9 for stretches. Edler Tanev Hutton ? Pedan Sbisa Out: Hamhuis? I think we should target a defenseman or two with our UFA money. We need to be careful with the cap, despite all the apparent space next year, so that when Horvat and others become RFA's we can afford their raises (depending on their play).