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  1. I think it's hard to value because you don't know where the team falls aka Ottawa.
  2. Trading up is almost never worth it. You need to trade from a strength for a weakness. Vancouver's strengths: Center Weaknesses: Everything else Therefore you are trading weak to weak. No point.
  3. Yea you and 30 teams have the same video. Columbus offered free booze for life I think. It sucks but if you want NY or Florida it's what you want.
  4. Ok I'll play. I had it all written out and didn't bring home my plan. 3 Trades: Tanev and a 2nd for: Kapenan 2nd round pick for: David Clarkson and a 1st One of: Granlund, Baer, Spooner, Erikkson for: 5th round pick 2 signings: Ron Hainsey Jeff Skinner Skinner Pete Brock Pearson Bo Kapanen Levio Sutter Virtanen Rousell Beagle Motte Gaudette, and probably Erikkson (I can't remember their sides) Edler Stecher Hainsey Hutton Schenn Hughes Biega, OJ Honourable mentions: Brandon Tanev, Michael Ferland and Jake Gardiner. If Brandon Tanev was signed I'd swap out Tanev with Stecher in the deal and dump more fringe forwards.
  5. Thank you. Finally. We did not get screwed. Any man that allows another man to punch them multiple times screws themselves.
  6. That's a lot. 2020 is probably another lotto pick.
  7. I'd rather sign Ron Hainsey and let Hughes develop. I think they get Gardiner.
  8. Whatever it is it will be bad. That orca is so terrible.
  9. I will provide my expert and I depth analysis. No. Historically 3 vs 10 actually isn't that bad. It's really not worth a move up.
  10. Great idea accept thecAvs don't want spare parts
  11. Those did me in last summer. I think I was dehydrated before I started drinking but it was an uncomfortable morning.
  12. Red nose Rudolph? Are you able to pound scotch in the summer? It's hot here and not like Vancouver wimpy hot. I struggle with the scotch in the dead of summer.