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  1. Banks always make money. Just need time. They win the slow game. I also wonder when the world normalizes if tech stocks do well as more people will work from home.
  2. Oh yea taxes are going to skyrocket. Corp and personal rates, MSP (old) increases, ICBC, you name it.....but a lot of people need help and that makes our country great.
  3. It will be interesting for sure. Great case studies. The other thing is wars create economies. Not necessarily in a good way but it is a direct investment. This deficit might not be the case but it's probably the right move.
  4. Even though people will laugh I have often said it's almost scripted like the WWE. At the end of the day there are 32 people that matter and Bettman serves. If the majority of the owners make money, that is all that matters.
  5. Yea the beer drinking during COVID is a win. Not commuting and being able to sleep in allows for more beer. I now get to sleep in till 545. It's incredible.
  6. I agree with 2. On point 1 I can't believe players wear windshields. I'm old school though. I believe there are sticking infractions because players grow up with cages.
  7. Good for you! I hit the bottle hard so that cost me some pounds but I think I lost a bit. Not as much as I should have. I haven't trimmed the beard once. It is brutal but going strong!
  8. I haven't shaved since March 18th.
  9. Show up to camp in shape and lay off the coke. Don't get COVID. Nothing else matters.
  10. Thanks! Let's see if I got this? CCXX bottom is $10? It is a SPAC that might buy Postmates? Buy the stock and patiently wait for an acquisition?
  11. I'm sorry this entire thing is ridiculous. Let's worry about the Wild first. I'll start worrying about an asterisk at the parade which likely won't happen.
  12. This is all a joke it will be To. * COVID* is not a joke but the NHL loves Toronto.
  13. Ok I know people won't agree but I get up way before sunrise so.... If someone thinks I am paying to watch Vancouver vs Columbus on a Tuesday night as the game rolls into overtime 1-1 at 945....good luck. I'd rather get the Ice package or whatever and watch the primo match ups. Heck yea to Pitt vs Wash at 4pm.