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  1. Gotta be Roussel the chirping Robin.
  2. I hope not....haha the postal worker would get upset if she saw me checking her out with binos.
  3. I made a new friend in my backyard yesterday!!! His name is Quinn the Quail. I'll keep everyone updated as I am trying to run into Petey the Palm Thrush next.
  4. I'm loving the social distancing. Nothing worse then spending your Saturday night fake laughing. *disclaimer* yes I wish the virus never took over and people were healthy, alive, and kept their jobs. I'm just not a social butterfly.
  5. I love how a guy like Torres has 15 goals and it seems like (zero stats) all his goals are in one goal games. MASON Raymond scores 20 goals and 18 goals are when they game was out of reach - again no stats.
  6. Seeing the emergency response thanks is unreal! Seeing how wet and grey it was is not.
  7. 6 bags of chips still in the cache!
  8. Good luck to you. I would feel the same as I am a planner. Would love to start my own business but fear the unknown. Learn your rights....payouts etc.
  9. Yea but I believe there's always a time and place for both. Example: you are mowing the lawn and might spill your beer: bud Second example: You've had 6 IPAs and Jake scores a hatty: bud Your friend comes over and always drinks 3/4 of the bottle: Glenfiddich Both are staples in my house.