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  1. How that isn't charging is beyond me. Guy had no other intention than trying to destroy the Canucks player
  2. Sick of seeing Megna get more minutes than nearly every key player on this team. It needs to stop.
  3. Okay but when do you actually see that situation cause a high sticking penalty? Not often at all. Seems pretty pointless to me
  4. So why is that stick above the corssbar a rule again? NHL wants to increase scoring, get rid of that rule.
  5. And? Irrelevant to my points which are: A: 1-5 on a single game basis is not a good night, let alone 1-7. B: PP in general still looks uninspired. There's a few chances here and there but nothing of real substance. Obviously you're not gonna have an incredible PP every time you get one. However, there's a lack of good movement, passing, and willingness to shoot. There's still plenty of time for improvement thankfully.
  6. Appears a 2 for 7 success rate is just too much for this team.
  7. Surely we can score 2 times out of 7 powerplays..
  8. He definitely called a few last season.
  9. Definitely wanna watch the end of the last place Blue Jays getting hammered.
  10. Officiating making it hard to take this game seriously.
  11. "Nolan we've been watching you a lot this year" *Played 33 games* Good god this coverage is absolutely terrible.
  12. Feel free to make your pick NJ..
  13. This coverage is already nearly unbearable.
  14. 50 times a team has taken a 2-0 series lead in the Finals. 48 of them won. Ha.
  15. They're just snakebitten against the Pens