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  1. Remember when we had the 33rd pick? Barring any trades, excitement for this draft is now gone. No pick until the 60s.
  2. Literally anything that could have gone wrong starting from the Lottery until now, has gone wrong. Sad times.
  3. Just take all the time necessary Toronto.
  4. This team is cursed. No question about it.
  5. It's just, how is that even possible? Anything that Mason could've done wrong, he did. Somehow decides to not use his stick to cover the five hole which is mind numbing enough. To top it off, he slides to the left and opens up his legs the exact moment the puck would make contact with his correctly positioned stick or legs....Could not have played it worse.
  6. All 6 goals, one team scores and then the other scores immediately after to tie. Pretty crazy.
  7. Must say I really enjoyed the Oilers broadcast being passed as a national broadcast. /s
  8. Nope, Randorf just said it again, 3 times now by my count.
  9. Struggling to understand the point of regional channels when this happens. Like, what?? We are on the PACIFIC channel meant to show, you know, Canucks games, and somehow the finish of this game is absolutely necessary?
  10. Yeah, my heart too broke that a bad Canucks team did not "smash" another bad team! Really, the Canucks have shown all season they have the ability to smash a team equally as bad as them! /s
  11. I love the hate on Willie. People can't actually be that delusional to think the coach is holding us back. It's comical! Hey guess what people, the Canucks are a bad team! Bad teams usually don't make the playoffs! Wow what an abstract thought! Who could've possibly thought we are a BAD team, BETTER off not making the playoffs. The coach can't carry this awful team to the playoffs, better get rid of him. We all know every successful organization goes through 3 coaches in 4 seasons, hiring a 4th one for the 5th season in that span!
  12. Even more reason to go for a top 3 draft pick. Can't miss territory if we get a pick there. Unless we pull a Flames.
  13. I believe you answered your own question...
  14. Man Milos is playing so well, he's got to capitalize on this momentum.
  15. Should definitely do this. It is well known that all successful teams go through 4 coaches in 5 seasons.