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  1. It’s a shame Quinn won’t really get to show off his skating ability as even in 3 on 3, where you’d think players might try even a bit, are still putting forth the classic all star soft lack of effort.
  2. I don’t see how the Canucks don’t end up on the PP. Sutter got laid out in a dirty hit when he never had the puck at all to begin with.
  3. Incredible how often we give up goals like this. The entirety of all 6 Canucks right around the net and the one single Shark wins the battle. Unbelievable
  4. Why would SJ challenge that? Reeks of desperation. They had a long time to look at it, you’d think it would be more obvious than something that was anything but obvious.
  5. He’ll yeah Loui. Well deserved goal.
  6. How many chances do we need man good god. It’s not like Dell is standing on his head. Someone just needs to actually finish.
  7. Coaches need to tell the players literally one thing: Shoot.
  8. This team sure wants to all of a sudden pass the puck into the net.
  9. We have to be the only team in the NHL who cannot make a cross ice pass on the PP.
  10. Can we stop making just awful pass after awful pass
  11. 10 second long “review.” Seems legit.
  12. So they essentially take a too many men penalty but don’t actually apply it. NHL officiating