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  1. It's just absolutely brutal how bad the Canucks have been with the puck. Constantly losing it when having clean possession, constant bad passes, constant 50/50 battles lost, constantly having shots deflected or getting checked before getting them off. And on cue Stetcher mishandles the puck on a clean 3 on 2.
  2. Lol. Another goal off of the Canucks being sloppy with the puck. Terrible. Just so casual with it.
  3. Typical stuff. Refs don't call a blatant dangerous hit and now the game unravels. The officiating in this league man. I'm not one to usually complain about it but seriously. Just awful already.
  4. Type of hit that gets suspension, similar to the one on Sautner, somehow the refs don't even call 2 minutes. Remarkable.
  5. This defensive system gets so easily exposed when a team uses their speed. It's not even close right now. Blown coverages left and right.
  6. Not surprised. So far the Canucks are losing literally every single battle.
  7. In all sports, all commentators get hate from fans for being "biased" or what not. During football season, the Seahawks forum I go on, every week a thread pops up complaining about them despite the fact they have about anywhere from 5-7 different commentary teams a season. I never understand it, for the most part.
  8. EP Secondary assist off a normal pass on PP : "Hell yeah EP point!" Eriksson Secondary assist : "Just a secondary assist might as well not even be a point :)" Who the f cares lmao? A point is a point.
  9. 3+ point nights from Bo, Loui, Pearson and Edler. Pretty good stuff from them.
  10. Man that shot is so heavy..it's not like it was perfectly placed, I mean it was placed well, it was just so powerful.