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  1. I hate this loss more than any other reason because it’s Vegas. Three years in after being gifted a great team by the NHL and they’ve already been to the SCF and WCF and good chance for two Finals appearances in three years of existence. The most arrogant and entitled team. Hopefully Bowness and the Stars put them where they belong.
  2. That’s pretty much my main issue with this series. Game 5,6,7...the Canucks just give way too much respect. It’s clearly in their gameplan. They panic with the puck and fumble it so much because they think at every point ever they’ll be under pressure. And a lot of times they were. A lot of times they had time and space and would make a play as if they were under immediate pressure. The constant throwing the puck away in all zones of the ice regardless of being pressured or not. The constant dumping in with absolutely no forecheck, even in situations where they have time and space to carry it in. I’d really love to see how much the Canucks carried the puck into the offensive zone in games 5-7. It has to be one of the lowest totals in 3 consecutive games in recent history. They respected Vegas way too god damn much and it literally resulted in them playing worse as I can’t count how often this team made blind passes or straight up fumbled the puck.
  3. Likely the last game of Toffoli as a Canuck. He scored twice in this series but didn’t provide anything else other than missing the hard pass deflection into the open net. Please do whatever it takes to get rid of Eriksson and several others. We went 7 games with so much dead weight in cap.
  4. Remember how we got one single shot on a 5 minute powerplay and half of that was time wasted trying to enter the zone because for some gross reason the strategy is to literally stop in the neutral zone. GET RID OF BROWN. All season long the power play was never good because of coaching. It was good because of fluke rush plays or talent just outperforming the $&!#ty coaching they receive.
  5. We have a lethal top 6 and the strategy was to dump the puck and never forecheck. Amazing
  6. Gross end to this season. 3 straight complete joke performances. Such an awful taste. I swear to god if Brown is still anywhere near this team. Vegas can go to &^@#ing hell. Such a garbage entitled team.
  7. Blind passes with nothing on them. ROFL. I don’t want to see Brown anywhere near this team ever again.
  8. Imagine if this team would stop respecting Vegas so much. So much of this ridiculous domination is the Canucks just letting them do it. They dump the puck and it’s just free possession time and time again. Dumping has a time and place unless your the Canucks these past 3 games. Then it’s literally the only possible place regardless of how much time and space you h e.
  9. Literally a nothing shot. Something this team is bewildered at. Better to never dare try to do anything offensively ever. &^@#ing gross.
  10. Imagine that. Shooting the puck. Honestly at this point they deserve it. Such a gross, pitiful &^@#ing display. They had 6 shots through two periods. Goodbye and goodnight.
  11. Yeah....3 on 2 and a soft pass. Theres absolutely zero urgency. All non-chalant.
  12. Please guys. Please. Do not stop skating in the neutral zone. Please hockey gods.
  13. All this $&!# happens because this team is so &^@#ing in love WITH THROWING THE PUCK AWAY FOR NO REASON. AHHHH they could have a &^@#ing 5 on 0 and they’d still throw it away.