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  1. We had possession for like 30 seconds....Literally lost all but one faceoff. Bo lost all four. So now I expect a loss. With the same usual low effort shootout attempts.
  2. If playing like two offensive zone shifts and getting hemmed in the defensive zone the entire rest of the game is a strong game..sure... He score on the PP. That’s good. Fine. What has he done at 5 on 5? As per usual lately, absolutely nothing. He is absolutely not anywhere close to having a “strong game”
  3. This second line has been hemmed in the entire game. Just like they were with Eriksson. For a line who has 2/3rds of a supposed “shutdown” line all they shutdown is any ability to score 5 on 5. Bo absolutely needs to stop being awful at 5 on 5. It’s costing this team massively.
  4. This team just can’t help themselves with these garbage goals against. It’s absolutely incredible how often these happen. Yet we score nothing like them because the teams we play against actually have structure. Imagine how many more goals we’d score if we were consistently just allowed free passage to the net, all the time and space in the world. We’re the only team to play defense like this.
  5. Lol. Just an absolutely classic goal against this season. Just let him walk in! Who cares guys! We don’t need to do anything to prevent him walking into a 1 on 1 with Demko. All season long. There’s no excuse for that type of goal against to EVER happen. But here at Vancouver Canucks we welcome it because god forbid we prevent players from doing whatever the hell they want.
  6. Why on Earth is our first line who more often than not recently have been dominant, the last forward line to start the game. It makes no sense.
  7. Lol. Of course. Ladd scores against us. Because why the &^@# wouldn’t he score 90 seconds in. Absolutely awful by Bo’s line who have been absolutely worthless 5 on 5.
  8. Just so bad it’s hilarious. How many missed opportunities and puck possession was given up because of bad passes and refusing to shoot? It’s one thing to lose it’s another to lose while not being able to do the literal most basic $&!# in the game.
  9. This entire game just filled with bad passes and refusal to shoot. So unbelievably stupid. Can’t execute on the most basic things.
  10. In 4 minutes the Blue Jakcets have more shots this period than we had in each of the previous two. Really cool! Which team is down 2-0? Unbelievably awful