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  1. Patrick Mullen

    Yea I was just saying that so people would know which one he is on the ice...
  2. Patrick Mullen

    Kinda bored and was doing some youtube surfing and saw this clip, Patrick's nothing to get to excited about but you never know stranger things have happened. :50 and 1:21 for a couple of highlights. didn't find any actual highlight videos so this as close as it gets Mullen's number is 14.
  3. Correction! When Are The Canucks GOING to fix the Defence :P

    1. Mr.DirtyDangles

      We will come around , there is also a trade possibility for better D. Trust in MG trust in the system !

    2. BCBoy1991

      What is this trade possibility?, cause I haven't herd anything.

      I do trust MG even though i dont support the ballard trade but it is what it is.

  4. When Are The Canucks fix the Defence?

    1. DefensivePlay

      when are you fix sentence?

    2. Slender Man

      all your base are belong to us

    3. ChenWei91

      power overwhelming