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  1. Not necessarily. In 3 years LE will have 1 year left on his contract making him easier to trade (with 50% retained). And we wouldn't really have to worry about the buyout cap hit since it would only be for that 1 remaining year. Hopefully Tryamkin wants to come back next year since he's well on his way to proving he's the top defenseman we know he can be. Seeing us get owned tonight just makes me miss Big T even more. :'(
  2. Sorry everyone... I thought the testbed is where you upload the GDT PLEASE MERGE!!
  3. Sorry I uploaded it through the test bed... I didn't know we had to created a separate GDT topic... I just uploaded it.
  4. Based on this one game, Nilsson has significantly improved compared to his days in Edmonton. I wouldn't mind seeing them split the job.
  5. Thanks JB. DP5 will turn it up for the Canucks!
  6. I beg to differ. To add onto that list... Bertuzzi - Most powerplay goals in a single season with 25 (tied with Bure) - Longest point-scoring streak in team history - 15 games (7g 12a) - Most exciting player award - 2000, 2002, 2003, and 2004 - 4th most goals (by player) in a single season with 46, only behind Bure, Mogilny, and Naslund - 6th most points (by player) in a single season with 97, only behind Bure, the Sedins, Naslund, and Mogilny - Represented Canada 3 times while with Vancouver between 1998-2006 - 8th GPG in a single season - T-10th most GWG in a single season with 7 - 9th and 10th for PPG in a single season - 7th all-time points - 9th all-time assists - 10th all-time goals - 10th all-time PIM - ALWAYS had our team's back* Burrows - Most exciting player award - 2008, 2009, and 2010 - Unsung hero award - 2008 - Represented Canada twice while with Vancouver - 2012 and 2014 - T-10th most GWG in a single season with 7 - 5th most shorthanded goals in a single season - 6th all-time games played - 9th all-time goals - 3rd all-time +/- - 7th all-time PIM - 7th all-time even strength goals - 2nd all-time short handed goals - 8th all-time game winning goals - 7th all-time shots - ALWAYS had our team's back* - Heart of the Underdog* - Dragon Slayer* I'm pretty sure they are qualified for the ROH. References Vancouver Canucks Media Guide 2008-09. Vancouver Canucks. 2008. "2002-03 League Leaders - Powerplay goals". National Hockey League.
  7. 3-2 Canucks 29 shots
  8. Dibs on the game versus the Bruins on October 19. Thanks!
  9. 3-2 Canucks Baertschi
  10. Boeser from Baer and Bo
  11. No way. The Sedins are smart men. They should decided how much they play. We're not paying them $7 million USD sit on their ass and not utilize their HOF skill..