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  1. Oh yeah absolutely! But at the time of my original post, Petterson hadn't beat all of the SHL records as a teenager.
  2. Lucky #7

    Quinn Hughes. Then barely miss the playoffs next season and win the 1st overall pick. This way we can draft Jack Hughes on home ice next year. We would get to continue the franchise brotherhood. I mean why not? We're the longest-serving NHL team to never have the top pick in the draft.
  3. Discussion - Kane's real value

    Don't worry guys... Kane will sign with the Golden Knights.
  4. Can Private Youtube Videos Be Downloaded?

    Contact the account holder and asked for access. There is a slim chance they respond, but it's still a chance.
  5. Its time to trade Chris Tanev

    But if we're being realistic: Nugent-Hopkins + conditional picks (1st rounder if Oilers make the finals, 2nd rounder if they make the playoffs)
  6. Yeah absolutely! Markstrom is a full-time NHL backup at worst. He deserves to be in the NHL. Remember when we were in a playoff position? That was when we were rotating our goalies.
  7. Canuck's Management - starting roster

    Cloutier was our best defenseman. And Curtis Sanford is in our management group?
  8. Oh no that wasn't what I was referring to. I just meant that with regards to him being "eaten alive" if/once he's locked up long term because of the pressure that comes with playing in Canada.
  9. [Discussion] Dahlin and Tryamkin

    I'm not sorry that I think our former NHLer is already better than our 28th place team's defensive group. I do believe Guddy is our worst defenseman in terms of keeping the puck out of our net. Biega has better stats than Guddy across the board. Physical presence without much skill isn't that expensive so let's trade Gudbranson already while other teams still think he has some skill. I understand he has a different defensive role which would explain his lesser offensive stats, but the turnovers... the positioning... the skating... Okay? I'm not sold on the guy. Cheers. Now perhaps I just want Guddy gone to make room for Nikita. But I have no doubt Tryamkin earns top 4 right when he steps into Green's system.
  10. [Discussion] Dahlin and Tryamkin

    I disagree. This is where I rank Tryamkin on our current defense group. 1.Tanev 2. Stecher 3. Tryamkin 4. Del Zotto 5. Pouliot 6. Edler 7. Hutton 8. Biega 9. Gudbranson Insert Dahlin (hopefully) and Big T would still be a Top 4 guy right away. Willie D just didn't know how to handle a D that(big)with so much skill.
  11. Markstrom is doing all he can with what he has to work with. I'm not saying the coaches were wrong to start Markstrom more, but I believe we would have been more successful had we rotated our goalies more frequently. Nilsson is noticeably slower these days when compared to him earlier this season thanks to less starts. Also it's hard to blame the goaltending when our GF have been 1-2-1-2 in our last 4 games. I'd say Gudbranson is getting shipped out of here first if there is still some solid demand for the dude. I think it would financially beneficial for Guddy to go to FA. A guy like him needs to chase the money and sign a big deal with an American team because his durability is not good enough in my books to offer a long extension in a Canadian market. mini TDL propo: Guddy for Tampa Bay 1st Conditional 3rd pick (turns to 2nd if Guddy is re-signed/TB wins Cup)
  12. [Discussion] Dahlin and Tryamkin

    Goldy should've brought the dessert.
  13. Gudbranson should be on a playoff team. And like most people are saying; he will be too expensive considering what he brings to the table. Sure crushing hits and swagger personality is awesome. But only useful if in the playoffs. Trade him while he has some decent value. Let's call Tryamkin back to replace him. Besides, I think Biega is more effective overall despite his size. And I'm concerned with Gudbranson's durability due to his style of play... Two seasons with us so far: 30 games played last season, 32 games played so far this season. If we can get a 1st+, take it. JB's drafting ability is on point.
  14. [Proposal] No Trouba for 6-8 Wpg-Van

    Armia, Mathias and a 2nd is worth Gaunce and Edler at most.
  15. Charlie McAvoy has heart procedure. Will be out for 2 weeks.

    Agreed... Also they have non-injured full-time linemates; Barzal has Tavares, McAvoy has Chara.