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  1. So basically Willie being on board with playing the young guns means still playing useless Megna...
  2. Tryamkin wasn't even trying lol. Benn was giving it his all and he still got owned.

    1. Trebreh


      Benn was humiliated twice by Tram lol

    2. MJDDawg


      Imagine what a Try fight will look like when Try learns to fight and actually gets mad.

    3. The Weasel

      The Weasel

      And Benn left after with an injury. Nikita only fought with one glove off. lol

  3. 3-2 Canucks 7 points.
  4. I wasn't going to dignify this with a response. But fun it. This dude is an old washed up 73 year old chicken. Got drafted 2nd overall in the CFL but never played... He was an Assistant General Manager of the TMLs when they were brutal. You can thank him for all those years the Leafs sucked worse than a leech sucking your blood out. You guys shouldn't even bother with it. He's not worth the time.
  5. 3-2 Montreal 24 shots #FreeWillie
  6. ^ This article summarizes Willie's most recent shortcomings.
  7. "Try not to let Willie's bizarre deployment ruin your weekend."
  8. Willie's inability to trust young players is absolutely disgusting. Sure the team is filled with young players now, but he still puts Megna in the big minutes of the game. I'm 100% sure the only reason why we've won the last 2 games is because our goalies bailed us out.