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  1. I'd rather see the moustache go instead of Virtanen. Perhaps Willie is what's holding Jake back.
  2. Yeah that was the part of the game that pissed me off the most. The score is tied in the third and we have a great chance to take the lead with the PP, and what do the Sedins do? Waste that opportunity passing around the perimeter the whole time and then losing the puck. I wish they would stop looking for the highlight reel perfect passing play especially when the game is on the line. This isn't 2010 or 2011 and they aren't surprising anybody anymore with that.
  3. I believe a team's goal should always be about winning a championship. When a team doesn't have even remotely enough talent to do so on their roster or in their pipeline, and in a salary cap league where you cant just buy all the best players, then the only way to gain enough great players is through the draft and the best ones are usually at the top. I dont want to watch the Canucks "tank" necessarily, but if they're going to flounder or just be a fringe playoff team year after year then why not have a strategic 'strip down' of the roster in exchange for assets when a season clearly wont go their way? In my mind this would also include putting bandaids over gunshot wounds in free agency (ex: Eriksson) in order to just be competitive but not an actual contender. If however the team ends up winning games and making the playoffs on the backs of their homegrown talent without the help of any mercenaries then that's great and they should be on the right track.
  4. Losing early in the playoffs is for losers too, and the Canucks have done plenty of that over the years. Maybe they should try something different for a change.
  5. I would've bet big money on a Canucks loss when we were down 3-0. Glad I didn't because that turned out pretty damn awesome!
  6. Maybe the pseudo-rebuild is the issue.
  7. Looks like quite a few empty seats there. Maybe fans aren't ready to see the Canucks be this "competitive".
  8. This is absolutely absurd. And nobody has a worse shot than Tanev.
  9. No, not really. If teams like the Coyotes, Stars, Panthers, and Hurricanes to name a few can play to empty buildings for years on end and not be relocated, why cant the Canucks play to a half empty building for a while? When things are going at least reasonably well the Canucks franchise has been a proven money printing machine, there's no way they'd get moved if there were a few down years. Fans would come back if the Canucks drafted some exciting players, they'd be selling hope and I think fans would buy that. Right now we're being sold a playoff bubble team and I think a lot of fans are fed up of seeing our team being a pretender with not a lot to look forward to.
  10. He's got 4 in 2 periods now.
  11. You exaggerate about Luongo, old friend. The Sedins might have 2 cups if not for him.
  12. Yeah it's a scary possibility. I think it's a pretty realistic one too considering this management is seemingly more interested in just making the playoffs rather than being patient and building a cup contender from the ground up.
  13. I'm pretty sure if the Canucks just miss the playoffs we the fans will be told our team is on the upswing and we just need one or two more high priced veterans to "put us over the top". If we just make the playoffs and get destroyed right away, mission accomplished?
  14. He is a former first rounder, that is true. If he were the other two things you mentioned then he probably wouldn't have been traded and then waived.