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  1. I don't think this is a good deal at all. Vasilevsky has never shown very well in the playoffs and that's of course where performance counts the most.
  2. Chicago in 2013. I found that one to be a bit more satisfying actually. The Bruins had a 1 goal lead late in game 6 at home and the Hawks scored 2 quick ones to steal the cup.
  3. I think I feel happy. Didn't want Boston to win, didn't want St. Louis to leave the "sad club", but I think I do like this better. That's 2 cup losses on home ice for Boston since 2011. It's just us and Buffalo now.
  4. If the Blues win they leave the "sad club". Since the Capitals won last year that would leave only the Canucks and Sabres. I hate Boston though. I wish both teams could lose but I have to root for St. Louis, although I think Boston will be too much for them and take it in six. Whoever wins though, I wont be happy.
  5. I was driving in my car when I heard the news and my jaw practically hit the steering wheel. I couldn't believe my ears. I always enjoyed Botch, whether it was his articles, TV appearances, but mostly the Power Hour or other appearances on 1040. I find this news incredibly sad, not just on an entertainment level, but more so on a human level. To pass away so suddenly, so unexpectedly, and at such a relatively young age with a wife and young family left behind; it's tragic. I know many folks on this forum weren't crazy about Jason Botchford, but I was a big fan of his. Rest in peace, Jason.
  6. Frankly, I think Mike Babcock is overrated as a coach. He usually has had pretty good teams to work with and has accomplished relatively little. Yeah, 2 Olympic golds. I could've coached those Canadian teams to gold. 3 Stanley Cup Finals' - J.S. Giguere carried him to the first one, 1 win with a Presidents Trophy winning dream team. Lost the next year in virtually the exact same scenario. 14 playoff appearances - lost in round one 7 times (50%), lost in round two 3 times, lost in round three 1 time, lost the cup 2 times and hasn't coached beyond round 1 since 2013. I just don't see why some people think he's so special.
  7. Picking the Stars in 6 again. I think they'll be this year's Cinderella team.
  8. I think I'd rather the Blues didn't leave the "sad club". That would leave just us and the Sabres remaining.
  9. I always wait for the DVD to see the Marvel movies (except Infinity War) but Captain Marvel and Endgame are too close together. I'll be seeing Endgame in theater before Captain Marvel is on DVD, which is a bit disappointing. Hope I haven't missed anything very important. I must say though, those Endgame trailers gave me such a hard on. Cant wait!
  10. I'm gonna disagree with you on that one. Playoff Luongo was pretty much either shutout or blowout for a couple years leading up to that SCF. Don't you think that would psych-out the skaters on that team? Not knowing which Luongo was going to show up on a game to game basis. I think they were playing scared after game 3 and couldn't play the way that made them successful.
  11. I've always taken issue with this line of thinking. When people say we "made it to game 7" or we "took them to game 7", to me that suggests we were the underdogs. We weren't. We were the (heavy) favorites, we had a 2-0 series lead, and we pissed it all away and lost. It's not like it was in '94. A plucky underdog team that wasn't supposed to be there and fought all the way back from 3-1 down to force a 7th game on the road. No, it was pretty much the opposite. We collapsed to a game 7.
  12. To be perfectly honest, I hate it. I really hope they go with a different name.
  13. I'd like to see an epic upset but I don't think it happens here. Tampa in 5.