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  1. Sucking and not getting anything in return, yet.
  2. I dont see the point of scratching and clawing our way through the season to just to narrowly miss the playoffs, or make it in and be quickly shown the exit. That does the future of the team no good. Even a non-generational player like Patrick would be much more beneficial than that. Realistically the Canucks need to "tank" this year and probably for the next couple of years after this one too in order to get enough high end prospects to become a consistent cup contender. That is the ultimate goal is it not? The cup should be the goal anyway, not just being a speedbump for the real contenders.
  3. Aside from Horvat and a few promises, so far it looks like quite a few.
  4. Seems like a lot of Canuck fans dont like the concept of bottoming out now (when our team already sucks) in an attempt to draft high for a while and give the franchise a much greater chance in the future of becoming a consistent cup threat. I dont get that. No, these "real fans" seem like they would be satisfied with a team to watch who plod their way through the regular season, empty the gas tank to put up 90 to 100 points, make the playoffs every year and get knocked out quick with maybe a fluke run to the 3rd or final round once per decade or so. We've all seen that show already though and there's been no cup at the end of it. Maybe a different approach would work out better, but they dont want to hear that.
  5. I had a feeling I'd get a rise out of you!
  6. I had a good laugh when Macrae told Pratt that he liked him better when he was a drunk.
  7. That's not quite as bad as the guy who mentioned our Campbell Cup championship. Always love it when people talk about how we "made it" to game 7 too.
  8. Those teams you mentioned though already had their superstars in place. The Canucks do not have superstars and quite likely do not have any in their pipeline either.
  9. So the comfort of their life outside of hockey is more important than having a chance at being winners? If so then one could assume they're just going through the motions until retirement whilst helping to delay the inevitable actual rebuild an extra 2 years.
  10. That's an interesting spin. However fans of teams are not competitive athletes who aside from getting paid big dollars should also have a profound desire to be champions at least once during their career. If the Sedins and their "loyalty" to a sunken ship of a team override that desire, well I'm not too sure what to think about that...
  11. Even though it would be virtually impossible to trade them for a variety of reasons, I dont understand why the Sedins would even want to stay in Vancouver. They must know they aren't going to win a Stanley Cup here or for that matter even see the playoffs again; so are they just playing out their contracts in a city they're comfortable in because having a chance to win a championship somewhere else isn't important to them? And because they dont want to leave then the team and it's fans have to wait until they retire before an actual rebuild can begin. Well that's just great, Trev.
  12. Happy we won this game but I hoped it would be more convincing considering that last game in Toronto. We scraped past the Leafs in our own house and they didn't even walk away empty handed.
  13. The cops were using a semi-humane torture tactic to punish drunk drivers, so Nickleback were actually providing a public service in a sense. Maybe the police should use their songs during interrogations.
  14. My favorites seem to be everyone else's least favorites. Pratt Bro Sat (The third guy) Paterson Rintoul and Sekeres annoy the hell out of me. Everyone else is ok.