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  1. Yes, totally agree. I think that's where the "extra gear" comes in; our top players didn't have it on a consistent basis, the teams that beat us did.
  2. No that definitely didn't help. In my opinion though it didn't hurt as much as some folks like to make it seem.
  3. Yes, and the Canucks were the reigning Presidents Trophy winners. Being down 3-0 to us should've crushed the Hawks spirit. Instead of stepping on their throat we let them off the mat and barely eeked it out. The next year the Hawks lost in 6 to the Coyotes, we lost in 5 to the Kings, the Hawks took off after that and we dropped like a brick to where we are today.
  4. But Linden and the '94 squad left everything they had and then some on the table. They lost by 1 goal to the Presidents Trophy winning "best team money could buy" on the road with suspect officiating as well. I dont think the 2011 group can say the same.
  5. There's elite teams like Chicago, Pittsburgh, Boston and LA for a brief period, Tampa to a lesser degree, and then there's elite regular season teams like the Canucks used to be, San Jose and Washington as well. Now did the Canucks "make it" to game 7 of the final, or did they collectively fritter away a 2-0 series lead as a Presidents Trophy winning favorite and get embarrassed in game 7 at home snatching defeat out of the jaws of victory? I vote for the latter. People can argue about the injuries and whatnot all they want but the Canucks almost did the same thing in the first round with a 3-0 lead, just winning that series by the very skin of their teeth. What was their excuse at that point? And what was their excuse for not making even one other deep run at any point while they were "elite"? You say that a team which makes it to game 7 of the SCF is elite. How about the '06 Oilers? The Flyers in '10 made it to game 6, elite? Devils in '12? Sharks last year? Preds this year? I cant speak for anyone else but I dont envision any of those "elite" or semi-elite teams getting anywhere close again in the near future. Maybe the Oilers, 12 years after their last elite season.
  6. That's right. Even Toews said that his Blackhawks were going to expose the Canucks for what they really were in that first round in 2011. They ended up losing as we all know but I think we were successfully exposed anyways.
  7. Yes. That and the fact they never came close before or after that 1 season. From my point of view that edition of the Canucks were not really built for the playoffs, and I say that because legitimate contenders in this day and age make more than a single deep run in their life-cycle. The problem as I see it is that too many of the Canucks premier players were at their best during the regular season and didn't have that "extra gear" consistently enough during the postseason. So yes, why dont we recreate 2011? Just this time do it with players who are at their best when the games mean the most.
  8. Make the playoffs in a one-off, lose almost immediately, and then what? I for one see no benefit in that scenario.
  9. He's 70 years old, let him live out his last few years on the golf course.
  10. Happy 32nd, Loui. Feel free to demand a trade or retire any time. I dont like you.
  11. To me it all depends on what the goal of the team is. Is the goal to simply sneak into the playoffs in fluke or clawing/scraping fashion and probably get KO'd right quick, somewhat similar to 2015? Or is the goal to be a year-in, year-out cup contender? I hope it's the latter and if that is the case then we haven't stockpiled enough talented depth, yet. We need to stay bad for at least a couple more years unless of course we're all satisfied with being a perpetual bubble team, playoff but non-cup contender.
  12. In order from first car to current - 1980 Mercury Capri 1981 Pontiac Parisienne 1995 Buick Riviera 1995 Cadillac Sedan Deville 2001 Ford Crown Victoria 2000 Buick Century
  13. I especially like how you threw in a "wadr" into this post.
  14. Oh my, you cant be serious. Sarcasm I hope. The last guy on this roster I would want "mentoring" our young players is a lazy, floating mercenary like Eriksson who seemingly saves his best hockey only for contract years. The last thing this team needs is to have our few top prospects following in that clown's footsteps. I still cant believe we're stuck with that albatross for another 5 years. He's my only real gripe with Benning that I can think of off hand.