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  1. I'll be watching game 7. Hoping it'll go into multiple overtimes with Boston losing a heartbreaker on home ice. That'd be hilarious and so satisfying to me.
  2. MDF: (M1) Washington Capitals vs. (M2) Pittsburgh Penguins

    In my opinion, looking back that was pretty much a fluke. Ahead 3-0 in the series and need game 7 OT heroics to win. I call that surviving the dragon.
  3. MDF: (M1) Washington Capitals vs. (M2) Pittsburgh Penguins

    I was thinking the very same thing. The Caps dethrone the Pens in 7. Finally.
  4. CDF: (C1) Nashville Predators vs. (C2) Winnipeg Jets

    If Colorado can push the Preds to 6 games then I can see the Jets taking them out in the same number. Jets in 6.
  5. Jeremy Jacobs gets on the phone with Gary Bettman after the 4-1 goal. JJ - Gary, enough is enough. GB - Whaddya mean, Jer? JJ - You know what I mean you bumbling fool! You want to see the Leafs win this game as much as I do! GB - Huh? (Bobbling his head) JJ - Get on the horn with your referees and fix this... NOW! GB - Oh right! Sorry, Jer Jer. I'll get right on it! JJ - You better. GB - Love you... JJ - F*#% off!
  6. The lesser of two evils? Sorry, I disagree. It may be 7 years ago but as long 1 player from 2011 remains on that team and Jeremy Jacobs and his "influence" still owns them, I wont root for Boston to beat anybody. I cheered like a madman and was overjoyed when Chicago beat them in 2013. Chicago!! Toronto is annoying with their fans and media coverage and preferential game times but that's it, just an annoyance. Everything about the Bruins is scum as far as I'm concerned. I do hope Toronto loses at some point but I'd like to see Boston crash and burn as soon as possible.
  7. Yes. The Boston love here is sickening to me.
  8. He'd probably be out with injury anways
  9. PDF: (P1) Vegas Golden Knights vs. (P3) San Jose Sharks

    Fleury usually turns into a pumpkin at some point in the playoffs so I'll say it happens in this series. Sharks in 7.
  10. I too miss the Canucks in the playoffs, just not the most recent version of them who almost assuredly had no chance at the cup and proved it convincingly 3 times over since they blew the final in 2011. I dont miss the playoffs in general though because I'm still watching; there's still great hockey to be seen without the Canucks being involved. Sure, there's no emotional investment in it but there's also a lot less stress. I'm gonna have to disagree with you on the Sedin comment. I personally dont recall them leading the Canucks to that final debacle. They were there - no doubt, and they each collected a good handful of points along the way, but Dank scored 5 of his 9 goals through the first 6 games of round 1 and only scored 4 more through the next 19 games. Hank scored 3 goals total. I think that was one of the real problems with that team. There were no real leaders who could put the team on their back for more than one series at a time. I just hope E.P. ends up being more like Forsberg and less like the Sedins. If not, then I'm glad there is only 1 of him.
  11. Meh, not me. Every appearance the Canucks have made since and including the 2011 final has been like watching prison sex as '189lb enforcers' so aptly put. Complete domination and humiliation of our team - I dont care to see that anymore and I sure dont miss it. However, now that the complexion of our team is changing with the retirement of the Sedins maybe we will finally get to see the Canucks built to not just make the playoffs but to actually do some damage once they get there. I cant speak for anybody else here but I'm happy to wait until we're better equipped to not just handle the playoff grind but to thrive on it. Of course we wont always win but it would be nice to be more than just a first round speed bump for the real contenders.
  12. Yeah I can go along with that. My preference would be to see a team of heartbroken bruins after a game 7 overtime loss. After that, seeing the leafs get squashed in round 2.
  13. I will never cheer for Boston.
  14. Bob Cole upset with being left out of playoff broadcasts

    Bole Cole might be slowing down and he might make some mistakes but his enthusiasm is infectious, his voice is iconic, and the playoffs dont sound as exciting when he's not making the call. The man is 80-something years old and he's more fun to listen to than pretty much all of the other guys in my opinion, maybe even Hughson.