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  1. I was legitimately surprised and saddened when I heard the news this afternoon; actually got a little bit misty eyed over it. Mr. Lahey and Randy did a show at a local bar in my town just 6 years ago. Afterwards once mostly everybody cleared out, he and I chatted at the bar while I was drunk and he had to be one of the most sociable, engaging, and friendly people you could hope to meet. I shook his hand afterward and he gave me a hug. He will be missed.
  2. That's 32 million in dead cap right there. We'd probably do better as a floor team and yet we're at the ceiling.
  3. Yes, the leafs cut out the overpriced crap and kept what good younger players they had. The Canucks held on to many of their older players and acquired even more older players each year since Jim and Trevor were hired. Toronto has done the rebuild right, regardless of getting lucky and drafting Matthews. The Canucks I'm afraid are currently doing the Toronto rebuild "pre-Shannaplan". Trying to integrate what youth they can into the lineup (mediocre or otherwise) while keeping and acquiring overpriced, washed-up veterans in an attempt to make the playoffs. Unfortunately for the leafs, and probably the Canucks as well, that only resulted in having an 80 to 90 point team and no playoffs and no high picks year after year. Until a team fully commits to a rebuild like the leafs did a few years ago, that's what you get. Hopefully whoever is running the Canucks figures that out soon.
  4. My best was +66 last year for a facetious one-liner about Gudbranson's injury hurting our playoff chances. I think my worst neg was around a -2 or so.
  5. I think it goes without saying that Markstrom is not a #1 goalie and never will be. The guy is almost 28 years old, already had a team give up on him, and is just getting his shot now. What I'd like to know is, how in this day and age of generally low scoring hockey does such a big goaltender with 100 career starts not have 1 single shutout to his credit? You've got to be a special kind of ordinary with a serious mental block to pull that off.
  6. I dont know about that. I for one dont see how being a cap-ceiling, bottom-feeder results in higher attendance figures. For me it's one of several things I find frustrating at the moment. To have that much 'dead cap' in my view suggests incompetent management/ownership by employing so many players who are not performing up to their pay grade, nevermind exceeding it. I'd say it also suggests that whoever is actually running this show is gunning more towards playoffs than a proper rebuild. That's frustrating and maybe that's contributing to the fans staying away.
  7. Lol. Someone surprises him in Rogers parking garage?
  8. Well I'm a little confused. Is what we've been seeing for the last couple of years what management said was going to happen?
  9. I have a theory as to why the attendance at Rogers is low, other than high ticket prices and over-priced beer. The team, overall, isn't fun to watch. They're boring. They have a hell of a hard time scoring 3 goals in a game. Live at Rogers Arena is a dull experience. I personally dont blame anyone for not even wanting to pay 40 dollars to watch this product on the ice. We've already seen this s**tshow for the last couple of years now. Low scoring, average defending, spotty goaltending, frustrating coaching, Sedin overdose on the powerplay, and washed up/overpaid vets taking ice time from homegrown prospects. And somehow this team is up against the cap? People aren't all stupid, they can see what's going on and they can see what this team is about. This team as it is today was designed to compete for a playoff spot, nothing more, nothing less. They're not a cup contender (despite the payroll) and they're not really rebuilding in the truest sense. Eriksson, Vanek, and Gagner to name a few are proof of that. They're here to bolster this sad sack into a wildcard. So what do you get? A boring team which is seemingly just spinning it's wheels. I'll watch on TV too.
  10. I'm not entirely sure anymore. The last few years haven't been particularly entertaining, for me anyway. To watch or listen on the radio has actually been rather frustrating over that time frame because personally I haven't understood what the team's end goal is. I hate to say it but I haven't seen and dont see now a Stanley Cup contender in the making...I do hope to be wrong about that someday though. We've had a fairly dull veteran laden team now for quite some time with mostly unexceptional prospects sprinkled in here and there and the odd reclamation project, which doesn't score much, doesn't defend particularly well, and hasn't been coached very well either. Like, what are the Vancouver Canucks aiming for in the long run? Clearly it isn't the cup. They dont want to tank to stockpile assets, even though they've been terrible anyway - they're not getting much benefit from that. Even though they're right against the cap every year they're incapable of icing a squad which can even play an entertaining game; let's be honest, for the most part they're boring. They lose regularly and they're boring when they do it. What all this says to me is that this team's end goal at least for now is to try to be a playoff team, most likely a wild card. As if that is satisfactory. To every year pray for health and try to scratch and claw and bore their way into a playoff position. What will that result in? A quick knockout and a middling draft position most likely. If that's the goal obviously it hasn't worked out so far but I think the guys in the office would be satisfied with that if it did. To me that's not interesting, especially for a team that's never won a cup and has only been beyond round 2 of the playoffs three times in 47 years. I dont understand that, if that is in fact the mindset. The short answer is I really enjoy the game of hockey and I watch all the NHL games I can. I've rooted for the Canucks for almost 30 years because my late grandmother turned me on to the team when I was a little kid, and despite my discontent for them over the last while I've put in too much time now to ever quit. My hockey dream is to watch the Canucks win a Stanley Cup. I hope they can do it in my lifetime.
  11. We're still not good at shootouts overall.
  12. Riiiight. 2 shutouts and still managed to post a 3.50 GAA and .860 Sv% in the series. Magnificent! Tim Thomas would've had two 1-0 wins as well but Luongo got ventilated in those games. I'd say your'e almost bang on about Luongo being the only reason the series went to 7 though. It takes a special kind of performance to blow a 2-0 lead in the SCF, losing 4 of 5 with home ice advantage. I believe the Canucks were only the second team to pull it off? To be fair though, many of our top players were no-shows
  13. 10-1, what a game! Didn't see that coming. Pens must have one helluva hangover. Anyone else absolutely hate the white collars on the Hawks uniforms? They look ridiculous.
  14. Nilsson looked good last night but I dont think the Flames were really taking us seriously. I wouldn't bet on our goaltending this year.
  15. So, was anyone else able to get the SNES classic today? I had to wait in line outside of the local Walmart for an hour before they opened but I got it!