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  1. [PGT] Canucks lose to Marlies 5-2

    I'm not mad, the result today might be the best thing for this team moving forward. If having their asses handed to them by Toronto of all teams doesn't signal to ownership and management that the Canucks need a true rebuild then they are completely delusional and there is no hope. This game should be the icing on the rebuild cake.
  2. Next 7 games are going to decide what to do for Benning, ugh!

    That's a fair opinion, but what are you interested in seeing this team winning? I personally would like to see this team win what they've never won before, a Stanley Cup. Winning regular season games is nice but most of us have seen plenty of that. I've seen more first or second round playoff exits than I'd care to count and I'm sick of it, I want this team to be a perennial contender like Chicago but that's not going to happen until they can draft the elite young talent. If that means not seeing the Canucks get dumped early in the playoffs for a couple or a few years then I say so be it.
  3. Next 7 games are going to decide what to do for Benning, ugh!

    Apparently just making the playoffs and getting murdered in 4 or 5 games is enough for some fans, that's our Stanley Cup right there. To hell with building towards the future, let's just be a small speed-bump for an actual contender to run over on their way to the cup.
  4. [Discussion] Hamhuis. What To Do.

    Hamhuis' value might never be higher than it is right now, so Benning has to strike while the iron is hot. The return for Hamhuis at this time would probably be pretty huge and could cut significant time off our rebuild, and isn't that what's important? Chances are we miss the playoffs anyway but even if we dont, then what? We get to see Chicago or Dallas for four or five games in the first round and then we're gone and have nothing to show for it.
  5. New NHL.com App / Website

    I said earlier that I didn't like the new website, now I officially hate it. Tried to look up the stats for one of the games tonight and it wouldn't let me scroll beyond the beginning of the second period penalty summary. Like WTF.
  6. Decision Time Is Now or Is It Already Made? Ramblings.

    Not sure I believe in that wheel of doom. Yes, Buffalo won the spin but even so, we have 3 cup finals to their 2, 6 finals game victories to their 4, and 2 Presidents Trophies to their 1. Regardless of where the wheel ended up, it seems obvious that it was the destiny of both franchises to be mediocre for a very long time.
  7. Making the playoffs this season...A good thing?

    Making the playoffs is fine as long as the team doesn't sacrifice any of the future for it. By sacrifice, I also mean not gaining any futures this season. Trade the vets, pile up the picks, dont trade any of our own, and if that means no playoffs - no problem.
  8. New NHL.com App / Website

    I thought the old website was fine. This just seems like change for the sake of change and I dont like it.
  9. Report: NHL locks up Gary Bettman through 2021-22

    Hmmm, so I guess the cup drought in Canada is guaranteed to reach thirty years now.
  10. [PGT] Predators 2 - 1 Canucks

    But we gotta make the playoffs and get those two home games. That's what's important right?
  11. Chris Higgins Talk

    Higgins earned his spot in Utica with his play in Vancouver.
  12. I assume it would be more of a reaction to the suggestion that the Sedins wives have male genitalia. 
  13. Well yeah. I would tend more to believe this version of the story than something said about Rick Rypien, there's nothing funny about that. Even the linesman was snickering so it was probably just an off-colour comment.
  14. I heard on the Bro and Pratt show the other morning that Thornton said to the Sedins something to the effect of, "If you two are sisters does that mean your wives have c**ks?"
  15. [GDT] CAR @ VAN | Wed, Jan 6 | 7PM | SNP

    Fire Willie after the season once the tank is complete. Hopefully that's the plan anyways.