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  1. I guess the Sharts used up all their goals in game 4. Haha, oh well. We were never getting that first rounder anyway as San Jose is not a cup contending team and they proved that in this series. They went on a cinderella run last year and that's all it was, not to be repeated.
  2. You know they'd still have to win 3 series' after this for us to get their pick. Just beating Edmonton is virtually meaningless.
  3. Not too surprised. That team is basically just Price and whoever else.
  4. I have a feeling the Mustard Tigers just caught lightning in a bottle against Chicago. They'll come back to earth and the Blues will win in 6.
  5. For me it's more about rooting against the Sharks than rooting for the Oilers. That being said, I'd still prefer a Canadian team to win the cup for a change. If nothing else to see if such a feat is even possible in Gary Bettman's NHL.
  6. I like your argument. However I dont believe any of us would be complaining if we had the same kind of luck the Oilers have had.
  7. I drove up to Port McNeil to see him with the cup in 2012 and he was a hell of a nice guy too. I would've rather we kept him here but in a way I'm glad he left because I'm not sure he would've enjoyed the same kind of success had he stayed.
  8. Good. I find all the Shark nut-hugging in this thread to be reprehensible; all over a 31st pick that we dont even get unless those San Jose d******** win the cup, which they were never going to do anyway, let's be honest. To see a cup-virgin team - from California no less - pop their cherry before the Canucks isn't worth a 1st overall pick in my opinion, nevermind what would've been a high second rounder last year. I'll cheer against Thornton, Bucktooth, hipster Burns and company versus anybody, even Anaheim and I hate them too. Have we all forgotten how those Sharts were gift wrapped that series against the Canucks in 2013 by the referees, how they're trying to do the same thing again to another team from Canada right now? How about when Thornton was sticking his finger in Henrik's face while talking to a ref a few years ago? Nah, I'm a draftist but those A-holes can keep their pick as far as I'm concerned. I hope the Oilers mop the floor with those scumbags in their own building in game 6 and kill their dream in front of the home fans. If the Canucks cant win a cup I'd prefer it come back to somewhere else in Canada, especially over somewhere in the southern U.S..
  9. Unless Henderson is made of glass I'm not believing that list of issues he has. That being said, I'm not a doctor but to me this looks like nothing more than a guy trying to get rich quick. I'm not a judge either but if I were I'd give the guy a million at most and call it done.
  10. Wait for it. A little more addition by subtraction might be a good thing.
  11. Yeah but some of the kids he had to work with were a little better than ours.
  12. Just think, many Canuck fans wanted our team to be in this very position the Flames are in right now. To be honest I'm happier with the top 5 pick.
  13. Pretty easy choice if you ask me. Bye, Dan.
  14. I missed most of the game but I'm a little surprised with the way the officiating has been that the Sharts didn't get a seven minute 5 on 3. Or did they?