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  1. I gotta chime in on the bolded part. The question we need to ask here is why a GM would want to trade this dominant AHL player for merely a draft pick? I side with Forsberg on this issue. Why should we be trading picks for players that another team clearly doesn't want? If there was value in these players then wouldn't an opposing GM be asking for more than just a 2nd rounder; or is our management and scouts just that much more savvy in assessing talent than that of other teams?
  2. I predict that Jacob Markstrom will play 50 games this year and not post a single shutout, therefore smashing the record held by Pokey Reddick for most games played in a goaltender's NHL career without 1 clean sheet.
  3. There are soft players in the NHL but that's all relative. The softest NHL player is probably harder than many of us regular folk; who the softest one is is debatable.
  4. Very well then.
  5. I wasn't sticking up for anybody, just expressing my opinion. Our definitions of success are clearly different but as many times as you tell me to go cheer for another team I'm not going anywhere. I've waited this long and I'll continue to wait, but I'm not going to put a feather in the Canucks cap for having virtually no playoff success through their entire existence. The 1994 team were winners in my book, but they still lost. '82 had no chance, and 2011 blew the best chance this franchise has ever had. Not a whole lotta cause for celebration.
  6. Sorry, friend. I just cant get much satisfaction out of losing 2 game 7's for the cup in a 47 year span the way some other folks can. To me it's not something to brag about, especially when our team was expected to win one of them.
  7. They should hang two "Lost Game 7" banners in the rafters and etch the runner-up on the cup every year too.
  8. When Canadian Netflix is on par with American Netflix for content, only then will I be ok with a price increase. That being said, I'll continue to pay for it but I wont be ok with it.
  9. Man, I dont understand a lot of people in this thread. The weather on the south coast is usually mediocre to miserable for at least 9 months out of the year, and yet there's people here talking about wanting more rain and saying that 20 degrees is too hot. F that, we'll get more crap weather than we can handle in a month or so. Summer around here is very temporary, and a good summer is far from guaranteed every year. We should all try enjoying it while we have it, it'll be gone soon enough.
  10. My dad wouldn't let me watch a lot of cartoons but I always found a way. My favorites that I can remember were the turtles, Darkwing Duck, and Gargoyles.
  11. She should be parked in the garage.
  12. Not really a "possession" but I have to go with my son who's almost 4. Compared to him nothing else really matters to me; he's my legacy and he's the only one in my family who's going to carry on our name. I do have a fairly wide collection of vintage Spider-Man comics as well which I'm quite proud of too.
  13. I think we all would. Personally though I'd prefer the Canucks to clinch a cup some day in less than the maximum 7 games. Show some killer instinct and leave nothing to chance.
  14. Well yeah. We might have made it to the second round and then got our asses kicked, and we'd still be in the position we are today if not worse.
  15. I dont think I said that. What I was trying to say is that this price increase on vehicle insurance and the subsequent increases on consumer goods because of it will not really have much of an impact on the wealthier people of this province. The blue collar types however who are already struggling to get by due to the unaffordability of living here are going to be squeezed even further, maybe to the brink, or beyond to the point of leaving BC.