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  1. I think we all would. Personally though I'd prefer the Canucks to clinch a cup some day in less than the maximum 7 games. Show some killer instinct and leave nothing to chance.
  2. Well yeah. We might have made it to the second round and then got our asses kicked, and we'd still be in the position we are today if not worse.
  3. I dont think I said that. What I was trying to say is that this price increase on vehicle insurance and the subsequent increases on consumer goods because of it will not really have much of an impact on the wealthier people of this province. The blue collar types however who are already struggling to get by due to the unaffordability of living here are going to be squeezed even further, maybe to the brink, or beyond to the point of leaving BC.
  4. I agree with most of this but Luongo had more than 1 bad game. There was of course the 8-1 game, then the next game he was pulled early in the 3rd after allowing 4 goals on 20 shots. In game 6 he was pulled about 8 and a half minutes into the first after allowing 3 goals on 8 shots. Then game 7, the game Luongo should've had the game of his life, 3 goals on 20 shots...
  5. This wont really effect the rich folk of the province, a couple little drops in the bucket for them. It's the common folk already struggling to get by that this is going to hurt the most even if they aren't drivers as the cost of everything else will go up because of this. Sh** rolls down hill and it's all going to pile on to the little guy. If this province becomes any more unaffordable the little guys might just pick up and go elsewhere. I know I'm tired of getting squeezed.
  6. I'm terrified of death so I just consider myself immortal. No need to make plans.
  7. Chara wasn't on the ice all game-every game, and yet Thomas still managed at the times when he was on the bench. Since you mentioned it, the 88 point Flyers were the ones who overcame that 3-0 series deficit on the road against the Bruins with an even more "prime Chara". Odd that the heavily favored Canucks couldn't nurse home a 2-0 lead at home after what the Flyers did the season previous.
  8. About 10 years ago I was visiting my brother in Ontario, a little place on hwy 17 called Chalk River is where he lived. Anyways, one afternoon we took the dog for a walk, he was a big american bulldog, and we happened by this small cemetery not to far away. It didn't look like it had been in use for quite some time, it was fenced with a two pillar gateway but no gate. So me and my brother wanted to go in and have a look at the tombstones, we walked in and the dog just sat quivering on the other side of the threshold. My brother tugged on the leash and the dog just started crying, but he would not budge, he would not cross that line. So, we walked through the pillars and out and once we did the dog wanted to make a run for it. It was really weird and we were creeped out.
  9. Tim Thomas was on top of his game that entire series, whereas Luongo was not. I think his up and down play over not just that series but the 3 against Chicago before it caused the team to play tentatively and therefore not take many chances, and of course not score many goals. From game to game the skaters didn't know which Luongo was going to show up, 'shutout Luongo' or 'blowout Luongo'. That would mindf*** any team in my opinion, especially one with questionable coaching and leadership.
  10. Congratulations to Trevor and family! To be a first time father to a baby boy is a pretty damn special feeling.
  11. Yes, totally agree. I think that's where the "extra gear" comes in; our top players didn't have it on a consistent basis, the teams that beat us did.
  12. No that definitely didn't help. In my opinion though it didn't hurt as much as some folks like to make it seem.
  13. Yes, and the Canucks were the reigning Presidents Trophy winners. Being down 3-0 to us should've crushed the Hawks spirit. Instead of stepping on their throat we let them off the mat and barely eeked it out. The next year the Hawks lost in 6 to the Coyotes, we lost in 5 to the Kings, the Hawks took off after that and we dropped like a brick to where we are today.
  14. But Linden and the '94 squad left everything they had and then some on the table. They lost by 1 goal to the Presidents Trophy winning "best team money could buy" on the road with suspect officiating as well. I dont think the 2011 group can say the same.
  15. There's elite teams like Chicago, Pittsburgh, Boston and LA for a brief period, Tampa to a lesser degree, and then there's elite regular season teams like the Canucks used to be, San Jose and Washington as well. Now did the Canucks "make it" to game 7 of the final, or did they collectively fritter away a 2-0 series lead as a Presidents Trophy winning favorite and get embarrassed in game 7 at home snatching defeat out of the jaws of victory? I vote for the latter. People can argue about the injuries and whatnot all they want but the Canucks almost did the same thing in the first round with a 3-0 lead, just winning that series by the very skin of their teeth. What was their excuse at that point? And what was their excuse for not making even one other deep run at any point while they were "elite"? You say that a team which makes it to game 7 of the SCF is elite. How about the '06 Oilers? The Flyers in '10 made it to game 6, elite? Devils in '12? Sharks last year? Preds this year? I cant speak for anyone else but I dont envision any of those "elite" or semi-elite teams getting anywhere close again in the near future. Maybe the Oilers, 12 years after their last elite season.