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  1. The Dahlen and Eriksson Connection

    There's your answer. Unless he calls it a career at or before then.
  2. The Dahlen and Eriksson Connection

    When's the final year of his contract?
  3. Botchford done at The Province?

    I cant say that I ever read many of Botchford's articles in the newspaper but when he'd appear on 1040 his opinions and analysis seemed pretty well on point. I dont understand the hatred for the guy around here. His opinions might lean more toward the negative but let's be honest, there hasn't been a lot to be thrilled about over the last several years.
  4. Ryan Kesler at YVR

    So, because there was a reunion 4 years ago for the much beloved '94 team who captured the imagination of the province and the country with an unlikely but very magical run all the way to a 1 goal loss in Game 7 of the SCF; that means for certain there will be the same thing for the 2011 team who were/are not felt about the same way? I think I'm all caught up, thanks.
  5. Ryan Kesler at YVR

    We're going to have a reunion for a non-championship season?
  6. Pronman Rates Prospects #2 - Rebuild Done?

    I'm not so sure about that. When we lost games against Boston, we lost big every time, no nail biters. Also, were the Canucks not healthy in the first round of playoffs that year? If I recall, they came within an OT goal of blowing that whole season after building what most would think was an insurmountable lead in the series. Was a health a question at that point? I dont believe so. No, I still believe that the 2011 Canucks were the first Presidents Trophy winning cinderella team. Unfortunately they were expected to win and the clock struck midnight on them as if they weren't. They proved that the following year as the top team going out with a whimper in round 1.
  7. Henrik discusses his first pre-season without the NHL

    Two class individuals without a doubt, the Sedins are. That being said, there's no feelings of melancholy for me going into this upcoming season without them. The game passed them by and it was time to turn the page and move on to the next chapter of the Canucks story.
  8. Cody Hodgson

    The same syndrome Loui Eriksson comes down with until a contract year.
  9. Best radio personalities for Canucks coverage

    I thought the late show with Rob Fai was actually the best but he stopped doing it when Canadians baseball got going again. Hopefully his show comes back once baseball is over.
  10. Is the Current Ownership Failing this Team?

    Well, I've thought this for quite some time now; the ownership is good in that they're willing to spend the money, but since a lot of that money is spent in a misplaced fashion on "band-aid fixes" such as overpriced free-agents, then yes, they are failing this team. The things ownership have given the 'green light' to such as certain contracts and most recently firing Linden (speculation) for not sharing their vision suggests that their primary goal is to have a team right now which is good to the point of holding the fans interest enough to keep them spending the dollars - with hopefully a round or two of playoff revenue as well. A Stanley Cup win seems like a secondary and unexpected/unrealistic goal which would be a total surprise and nothing more than a jackpot of bonus gravy not to be repeated under this ownership, ever. This is just my take on the Aqua group though.
  11. Can't stand the TSN 1040 Morning Show

    That was everyone's favorite guy to complain about - Botchford. I think he's good on that show too. He actually calls Pratt out when he's saying something dumb.
  12. Fair enough, good point and pretty good numbers. In spite of that however, I still cant recall a playoff series where I thought either Sedin put the team on his back and regardless of winning or losing, imposed their will on the opposition through scoring or - much less likely - physicality. Maybe 2011 against San Jose but other than that.
  13. I've never felt that either Sedin was ever particularly "clutch", least of all in the playoffs. Nevermind all the discussion about what went down in the 2011 SCF, what about all of the other times a Canucks team led by the Sedins made a playoff appearance and then made a usually sudden disappearance. Aside from 2011 where the Canucks had all of the advantages going in (and ended up an OT goal from blowing it in round 1) this team has never won more than 1 playoff round in a single year being led by them, and that was when they were in their prime. And personally, I cant recall losing a series and thinking 'wow, it's a shame we lost, but holy crap those Sedins sure made their presence known and gave everything they had and almost got us through!' No, I remember the Sedins being pretty easily neutralized most of the time in the playoffs, and after 2011 when their decline started it was all very quick exits or basement finishes altogether. Not clutch - not even that noticeable.
  14. Happy Birthday, Loui Eriksson!

    Happy Birthday, Eriksson. Buy yourself a nice gift with all that money you're not earning.
  15. Can't stand the TSN 1040 Morning Show

    Not only are the "personalities" on 650 as dull as december day in Port Hardy, it also sounds like a pirate radio station that's broadcasting out of a dungeon with socks over their microphones. The 1040 guys might rub some people the wrong way but at least their broadcast is crystal clear and their personalities actually have, y'know, personality.
  16. Is there a difference in leadership?

    Joe might as well have twisted his arm and bent him over the boards. Disgraceful. "Leadership" like that gets your team nowhere as we all know too well.
  17. Is there a difference in leadership?

    Less swedish leadership would be beneficial in my opinion. Less nice-guy, turn the other cheek, take it in the a**, beta-male mentality. We've seen how that works for almost 20 years - and it doesn't, especially in the playoffs.
  18. Team stuck in cave...

    This is what I've been wondering; and why did they go so deep into it?
  19. What we need to become Contenders

    If we're talking merely "one and done" playoff contenders then I dont think we're necessarily too far off. If we're talking year-in, year-out cup contenders who can sleepwalk into the playoffs then let's compare these Canucks to the Blackhawks circa 2009 - 2015. Which players do we have who are comparables to the ones on that contending Chicago team and which ones are we missing? I cant think of too many that we have. Horvat?/Toews, Boeser?/Kane.... In my opinion we're a long way from having a team like that.
  20. Can't stand the TSN 1040 Morning Show

    I'd love that!
  21. Would you touch the Stanley Cup?!

    Not sure if it was a replica but I touched it and got a photo taken with it at the Hall of Fame.
  22. Can't stand the TSN 1040 Morning Show

    This'll definitely be unpopular but I actually enjoy both Botch and J-Pat. I'm more worried about who Pratt's permanent sidekick will end up being. Hopefully someone who will put him in his place when he's being nonsensical.
  23. Can't stand the TSN 1040 Morning Show

    So apparently Bro Jake is retiring from the morning show at the end of this week but will have his own show on the weekend. Pratt will have rotating co-hosts until a permanent replacement for Bro is found. Personally I've enjoyed their show. I know they're pretty unpopular on this board but if nothing else they at least have personality unlike the drones on the other station.
  24. [Waivers] Alex Burrows

    No kidding, eh. If the Canucks ever won a cup the players would have to switch to a number/letter combination or something.
  25. How should the Sedins stay involved ?

    Why do the Sedins need to stay involved?