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  1. Christmas nowadays has slight religious undertones at best. Even a lot of the classic carols have very little if anything to do with religion. So what the hell is wrong with that? When I was in school during the '80's and '90's we had Christmas concerts where the kids would act in a play and sing some classic Christmas songs. Now we have winter concerts, where apparently as I learned today, the kids sing some reggae bulls**t about Santa vacationing in Jamaica. What a joke. Also, I dont entirely disagree with you about keeping religion out of public school, but let's get serious for a second. Elementary school is not really an educational institution where you have to worry a lot about children's "academic excellence", especially when we're talking about 5 year old's in kindergarten.
  2. Yes, Alf, they do. My point was that if an individual or group of individuals doesn't accept a national holiday as it is - or worse - opposes it and makes a big fuss; they should then opt out if possible and go about their routine as if it were just another day. In my opinion they should therefore not accept any of the benefits of the occasion they vocally oppose or that they just simply want no part of.
  3. I think that's a lot to hope for. I just dont like how all this inclusiveness is watering-down so much of our culture as Canadians. It seems to me like people of other backgrounds and beliefs are coming here, or just coming out of the woodwork, and we now have to accommodate them at the expense of our own culture and customs. This thread struck a nerve for me today especially. My son started kindergarten this year and today I got a notice that next week they will be having a "winter concert". Winter concert? Is that what we celebrate on the 25th now? Winter? When I was in school we had Christmas concerts. Well I guess that means December 25th is "Winter day" now. I dont know why we have to celebrate and get a paid day off of work for that though. Winter. To my knowledge, the primary holiday at this time of year on this continent is Christmas. As far as I'm concerned, you dont like it? Dont celebrate, dont take the day off, and go to work at regular pay. Whatever. No good? Well then take your alternate customs and get lost. I'm sick of this and I'm willing to bet that I'm not the only one. The last paragraph was not aimed at you, Jimmy.
  4. Balance? What country can we go to, especially in muslim countries, and expect that?
  5. Because once upon a time people like myself were the majority. Now our once great nation is totally ass-backwards and I dont like it and never will.
  6. Well maybe I'm right out of whack, but in Canada it's starting to seem like people with all the traits like myself are becoming a minority. It seems like nowadays everything is done to please everyone but me.
  7. I for one am tired of inclusivity. How many other nations are this worried about offending anyone and everyone? As a heterosexual white male, born and raised a catholic, I have never felt so excluded; and it's only going to get worse.
  8. Riviera82

    Jacob Markstrom Poll

    Markstrom's been sparkling for the Canucks... if this were 1986.
  9. Riviera82

    [GDT] Canucks @ Kings Nov 24th 7PM

  10. Riviera82

    [PGT] Winnipeg Jets at Vancouver Canucks | Nov. 19, 2018

    Not really true on my opinion. To me he is very consistently mediocre.
  11. Riviera82

    [PGT] Montreal Canadiens at Vancouver Canucks | Nov. 17, 2018

    I agree. Some people will say it's just bad luck but it's become an annual 'duration of the season' problem. One guy comes back from injury and then another one or more goes down and so on.
  12. Riviera82

    [PGT] Montreal Canadiens at Vancouver Canucks | Nov. 17, 2018

    When is this team ever really healthy though? It's been the same old song and dance with injuries for a few years now. Something about this team makes the players more susceptible to getting hurt. I dont get it. Good optimism on your part though.
  13. Riviera82

    [PGT] Montreal Canadiens at Vancouver Canucks | Nov. 17, 2018

    He's playing about as much as a good starter would. Unfortunately he's not a good starter.
  14. Riviera82

    [PGT] Montreal Canadiens at Vancouver Canucks | Nov. 17, 2018

    He's unreliable.
  15. Riviera82

    OFFICAL Bruce boudreau-a legacy of failure thread

    Bruce Boudreau is the Roberto Luongo of coaching.
  16. Riviera82

    [PGT] Montreal Canadiens at Vancouver Canucks | Nov. 17, 2018

    This was one of the best games Jacob "money goalie" Markstrom has played all season so far, and we still needed to score 3 just to ensure a single point... As much as Del Zotto screwed this game, we needed that guy between the pipes to make 1 extra save at some point in the third, and he just. couldn't. do it. I really do hope this is the last season we have Markstrom as our default starter.
  17. Riviera82


    I haven't heard that name in a long time. Would've thought he was in Europe or retired.
  18. Riviera82

    [PGT] Vancouver Canucks at New York Islanders | Nov. 13, 2018

    I've had it with him. Markstrom is a well-below average starter and maybe an average backup. They were just talking about it on the radio a few minutes ago. Last year Markstrom went on a run of games toward the end of the season where he was on a "hot streak". His save percentage over that "hot streak" was .921. That's fairly average for most starters but for Markstrom that's hot. He sucks. I just dont understand why Green wont give Bachman a game here or there. I literally dont think he could do much worse than our "starter".
  19. Riviera82

    [PGT] Vancouver Canucks at New York Islanders | Nov. 13, 2018

    Yeeeess, indeed. Marky, with his sparkling 3.28 GAA and .896 Sv%. Where would we be without him and not an actual average starting netminder?... Sorry about the sarcasm, no offence intended. We see things on opposite ends of the spectrum though. Today I saw Markstrom get beaten 5 times, again. That's cool when we're scoring 6 or more but we dont have a chance most of the time that way. Markstrom has started 14 games now and this was the sixth time he's allowed 5 or more goals. I know the defense isn't very good and we have key injuries, but I cant understand giving Markstrom credit for the Canucks not being frakked. Now that the scoring is drying up we're starting down the road to being just that. Frakked.
  20. Riviera82

    [Discussion] Let's Deal Markstrom!

    Yep, I agree. I'm not saying Markstrom doesn't ever have a good game, because he does. However, it seems more often than not that the team has to score at least 3 goals to have a chance to win. When the Canucks start rising, which it looks like they might be starting to, we wont be going anywhere with this current goaltending tandem. Every once in a while (especially in the playoffs) a team needs it's goalie to limit the opposition to 1 goal or *gasp* a shutout, which of course is virtually unheard of from Markstrom and Nilsson.
  21. That's enough Goldobin.