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  1. Mark Stone 6th round Mike Hoffman 5th round Colin Greening 7th round Eric Condra 7th round jg pageau 4th round can we hire ottawas scouting staff?
  2. We could help them out with that as well
  3. Shhhhhh. The joke doesn't work like that.
  4. Lol! Benning: we're going to trade you to Dallas. Hamhuis: I don't want to go to Dallad Benning: Ok fine! Now we're not going to re-sign you ! Hamhuis: well f*ck you then, I'm going to Dallas!
  5. The canucks D was brutal last year. In fact, it was was probably one of the worst overall groups in the entire league. If they trade Edler or Tanev we're on a very Edmonton-esqe path straight to the bottom of the league. Sure, another top six forward would be great, but it won't help a single damn thing if the team once again has one of the worst D's in the league. I would much rather overpay for an Okposo, Ladd, Lucic, Eriksson, etc than trade D away. Top 4 d men are much harder to find than a top 6 forward.
  6. Whats with all the talk this year of making a deal to swap the 5th to Edmonton for the 4th, or make a deal with Columbus to get the 3rd.... or ORRRRR make a trade with Arizona to drop down to 7th!! We have a top 5 pick. Everyone needs to calm down. PUljujarvi, Dubois, or Tkachuk, Just take whoever is left at 5.
  7. Lol. Great logic. We need defense prospects DESPERATLEY so let's avoid drafting them. Seeing as Horvat, Virtanen, McCann, Boeser, Gaunce,Baertschi, And Granlund are all under 23,I'm sure the Canucks will be fine skipping a year of taking a forward.
  8. To me this is simple. If the Canucks draft top 4 you take one of the swedes or one of the Americans. As kind of an unwritten rule: you don't draft Erik Johnson and leave Jonathan Toews on the table, or take Cam Barker when someone like Andrew Ladd is right behind. However, drafting 5-10 which it seems the Canucks will ultimatey will, I would definetly take the best available d man.
  9. It's funny how people value players and prospects vs draft picks. Let's look at this.... Dan Hamhuis = a 1st round pick (assuming their is a bidding war) Jared McCann =former 1st round pick The Canucks would get torn apart if they straight upgave two 1st round picks for Nichuskin. Keep McCann, get a 1st for Hamhuis. Tank the rest of the year, get a top 5 pick. Package our pick with the late 1st rounder we got in the Hamhuis deal, move up to top 3 in the draft. Top 3 pick + McCann >>> Nichuskin
  10. Mantha was a 1st, and if there was a 2012 redraft today McCabe would likely slip into the first round too. But I guess you suscribe to Barney Stinson theory: Newer is always better!
  11. Lol. Gaunce played centre his whole life, was drafted as a centre, started playing in the minors as a centre. But he got moved to the wing ..... ZOMG NEVER BEEN A CENTER YOU GUYS ARE IIIIIIIDIIIIIOTS
  12. Lets go all out and get as many Bc boys as we can. In: Hamhuis (re-sign) Franson Ladd Lucic Seabrook Out: Miller Vrbata Any of: Hansen/Higgins/Burrows Edler ( Cap casualty of adding Seabrook and Franson)
  13. Funny thing is after the Calgary series lots of people, including most team 1040 guys, we're saying how much the Canucks could have used Kassian. Having a team full of Prust's and Dorsetts doesn't help you beat teams like Boston or La either by the way. Those types of teams have TOP SIX grit ( Dustin Brown, Anze Kopitar, Milan Lucic, etc), something the Canucks are lacking with the Sedins, Vrbata, Baertschi. Kassian could have been that guy, Prust had never been and will never be a factor like that.
  14. Uhhhh..... That he injures his own teammates ?
  15. Benning was part of another team that shipped another guy out because of work ethic and attitude... What was his name again?? What happened to him??? Maybe Benning should value potential and talent in a higher regard instead of judging players in their early 20's by their commitment and work ethic. Kassian may not be Tyler Seguin but this is the same type of trade.... A DUMB one.