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  1. (GDT) Nucks VS Pens in the Burg

    Glad we won, too bad it had to go to overtime. Second goal by the Pens hangs on Gudbranson. In a 2 on 1, let to goalie take the shooter and just block the pass across.
  2. Quinn Hughes | D

    Kid has skill, and I know the league is trading smaller but his size gives me pause. My 12 year old is bigger than him. I hope the best for him and the organization. As as long as he can hold his own against larger centers and maintain his own defensively I’ll be happy.
  3. [Proposal] Van / Wsh

    I’d have to agree that would be fair value. Nothing against Baertchi, but I’d rather Wilson, particularly with the other guys we have on the roster. THis is the type of guy I hope Virtana can become in another 3 years. I think Virt’s issue (among others) is confidence and backup.
  4. As we are looking to get bigger in to bottom 6, do you think we should be interested in Tom Wilson? Wilson for either Grandlund or Beartchi they are all similar age, all RFA’s. I think vaertchi or Grandlund would sign cheaper than Wilson and Washington has limited space, especially if thy sign Carleson.
  5. Kassian RFA year

    A lot of people compare him to Bertuzzi, fair or unfair. Lokking up stats, Bertuzzi didn't break 20 goals until he was 24. at 22 years old he had 13 goals split between the islanders and Canucks.
  6. Good Luck to Luongo. He was a class act the last couple years.
  7. I like it, but i'd prefer to keep Bieksa. Swap out for Edler and adjust the picks appropriately.
  8. We trade Edler, if for nothing else, we have 4 guys making $4.5+M per season and Tanev is going to want in the $3M range. That's a lot for a 5th dman. Because of this, one of the 5 needs to go and Edler likely has the highest return. Depending on what you can fetch for Edler will dictate what you do with Kesler. If Edler gets at #1/2 center or winger to play with Kesler then we keep him. If you getA grade prospects and picks, then you trade Kesler. Personally, I hope for the center/winger.
  9. [Rumour] Team1040 Doug Maclean

    Regardless of the player we get in return, they better have size for the line they play on. You look at the top teams in our division and they are all huge. No shrimps need apply here. We need to be able to compete within our division if we are going to have a chance at the conference or league.
  10. [GDT] MTL - 2/6/2014 - 4:30PM

    3-1 Canucks with an empty netter. Weise tries to run someone because he's bitter that he got traded, Sestito kicks the crap out of him.
  11. Linden For Gm

    Linden doesn't want the job. In fact I doubt he wants anything to do with the organization. Whether it was Burke, Noonis, Gillis or Aqualini, they all recognize that if they liked him or not, the city loves him and he would be an asset to the organization. If Linden wanted a job with the Canucks he'd have it in a heart beat. He has all the qualifications as previously mentioned. He has the following. Does he want the job?