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  1. X-Men: Days of Future Past - 9/10
  2. Rot in hell rangers.
  3. I hope Chicago or LA kills the pathetic rangers.
  4. Screw the rangers.
  5. Umm, no. Ehroff was offered money similar to Bieksa. It was pretty damn fair.
  6. So what if he is NHL ready right away? I don't care about that. I care about actually developing our prospects to be the best they can be.
  7. Maybe it's you who should get a grip, "kid." Like I said you are naïve if you think what we say only stays here. Guys like Botchford feed off the negativity from places like CDC, and they bring some of that into their articles that is unfortunately read by many. People are human being, including the players, no matter how much you like to think otherwise. So yeah, you really are oblivious to the point.
  8. We send our best players to the Olympics. Our best players are either still in the playoffs or didn't participate in this tournament. For the last several years we have always been sending our C-team instead of our A-team like with the Olympics.
  9. Yes, I am questioning your intelligence. Your posts gave me more than enough reason to do so. Which is also why I'm not surprised you're completely oblivious of the point.
  10. Another dumb as hell argument from you. There is nothing wrong with being a human and having emotions. It doesn't make someone stupid or fragile. I do have to question your intelligence though when you act like a broken record and parrot that ridiculous statement that you just made.
  11. They don't have to. Are you really that naïve to think that what is said on these forums stays on these forums always? I hate to break it to all of you people, but the OP is right. I'm not surprised to see this level of denial on the subject. Stop acting like we are some small group of people living in the vacuum. We are much bigger than you give us credit for. When enough people talk about a certain topic, it doesn't stay bottled up on an internet forum for long. When it's big enough, it can be brought to the attention of people associated with the team.
  12. Who the hell said Nichushkin will be an all-star? Jesus, quit jumping to conclusions. Maybe Horvat WILL be an all-star. You don't know.
  13. He will draft me and I will lead us to the promised land.
  14. What did Seguin do for Dallas in the playoffs?
  15. Are people seriously saying Boston got fleeced on the Seguin trade? From what I saw, both Dallas and Boston won that trade. Boston also got great players back.