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  1. X-Men: Days of Future Past - 9/10
  2. How is this a good investment at $2 billion? Maybe if this was the Lakers, sure. But the Clippers?
  3. Clippers are worth $2 Billion?
  4. Who the hell said Nichushkin will be an all-star? Jesus, quit jumping to conclusions. Maybe Horvat WILL be an all-star. You don't know.
  5. So, is he actually pretty good? Could he actually be drafted?
  6. Why would Horvat not being Benning's pick matter? How often does a new GM come in only to trade their new team's top prospects? Guess what? Gillis wasn't the only GM who thought highly of Horvat. Who says Benning wouldn't have taken him if he had that chance?
  7. Except that in those days, we were a garbage team constantly losing. That's why attendance sucked. Not because we didn't play "high tempo" hockey. People will fill the seats when we are winning. Winning is what is exciting.
  8. It doesn't matter how big New Jersey is. Vancouver is still much more of a hockey market than New Jersey. Vancouver can handle boring hockey as long as we win.
  9. I don't care about "up tempo" and "exciting" hockey. I want to see this team win. Winning is what I care about. If the GM feels that Trotz can bring that, then hire him.
  10. What constitutes "later this week?" Wednesday? Thursday? If true, good to finally get this out of the way.
  11. Typical seeing people who are trashing Horvat are also the same people that don't really watch him play outside of a few games, then suddenly think they know everything about him. I have no doubts he will be great for us. He will make the opposition his bitches.
  12. Loved the scene with Tyrion and Oberyn.
  13. Oh, so is Horvat a bust to you guys now?
  14. Notice how the ref conveniently turned his head just as Marchand punched him?
  15. Choke on a fat one, Ruins. Ahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!