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  1. McDavid is obviously the next Captain of the Oilers. If he's not ready for it this year, then they'll simply do what Pittsburgh did with Crosby and not have a Captain until McDavid is ready to take the C.
  2. His speed and finish is insane, but what also impressed me a lot was his hockey IQ. Some of those passes he made were next level, and he seems to score a lot of goals by getting to the open areas.
  3. Yeah there was no way the Penguins were going to qualify him at $3.9M. Wouldn't be surprised if he signs a lesser deal and goes back to Pittsburgh, but the Penguins don't have that much cap room so I also wouldn't be surprised if he doesn't.
  4. People doubting Benning when it comes to drafting? Have you people seen our last 2 drafts?
  5. Yeah I just googled it to see if they were still dating and apparently they are: I know we shouldn't talk about players personal lives.... but meh.
  6. Crosby is dating Kathy Leutner. Congrats Penguins!!! 2nd favourite team winning the Cup is an amazing feeling!!! Can't imagine how it would feel if the Canucks won the Cup. Oh and as someone who is a fan of both the Penguins and Canucks, Sutter is a better player than Bonino.
  7. Big problem with advanced stats is how inaccurate the stats actually are. Mark Stone and takeaways is the perfect example. While takeways aren't an advanced stat, this example shows just how flawed the process of collecting stats is in the NHL. I remember watching a Penguins game a while ago and Crosby had a breakaway and got stoned by the goalie. Afterwards the stats said Crosby didn't have a shot on goal in the game. Even though he had a god damn breakaway where the goalie made a great save on him. Yeah advanced stats help, but my god the core stats that advanced stats are based on, are collected via a deeply flawed process.
  8. He wasn't an overager in his last year of junior. He could have played junior this year (or last year whatever) as an overager. And yeah people should absolutely not be giving up on this guy. He's still really young and has had a couple pretty bad injuries which have interfered with his ability to get a good summer of training, so every year he starts behind the other guys. Big summer for him this year. I fully expect major improvement in his game next year.
  9. I kinda agree. That being said I don't think it's going to happen. We're most likely going to be taking a forward. Out of the forwards I really really really want Dubois, but my guess is he gets drafted at number 4 by the team that Edmonton trades the pick to. Which would leave us with Tkachuk which I'm okay with.
  10. Sweet. This guy was actually my big buddy back in elementary school.
  11. Not who I personally want, but I got a gut feeling that we're going to end up with Juolevi.
  12. Tampa Bay and Detroit series is insane. 

    1. Green Building

      Green Building

      Can't wait to see Detroit's response back at the Joe

    2. Jaku


      So good. It's a fun series to watch.

    3. Pears


      Tyler Johnson is a God. 

  13. It would be unreal if they could draft Chychrun and Day.
  14. His 60th point
  15. Terrible prospect pool? What the hell. No it's not. It's not elite, but it's not terrible either. Could have sworn we just had a prospect nominated for the Hobey Baker, with many people also saying that Boeser could have easily been there too. Vigneault absolutely needed to be fired. His message had become stale and a change was needed. The Rangers are seeing the same thing with him now. Many Ranger fans are frustrated with Vigneault and I could absolutely see him being fired by the Rangers within the next couple years. Really amazing that some of these guys actually make a living talking about hockey. Makes you wonder how the hell they got that job in the first place.