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  1. Nicklas Jensen Talk

    Which means tons of minutes for him once he makes the team. Whenever that is.
  2. Jordan Schroeder Talk

    If anyone watched the highlights of those games his number dont do him justice, he was dynamite the whole series. Especially the last game. Hit a post and had a couple great chances. Just needed to bury them.
  3. Nicklas Jensen Talk

    He is definitely comfortable carrying the puck and back checks! AV's dream. I thInk for his size he skates pretty well too. A little shifty like the sedins.
  4. Nicklas Jensen Talk

    I think these guys need to bdevelop, the only guy I see sticking is kassian as he can fill a 3rd 4th line role i may be wrong but we are trying to win a cup here. That means getting proven guys, you dont throw a rookie in the playoffs and let him have his mistakes in a situation where a vet wouldnt think twice about it. If one of schroeder or jensen are going to make this team it better be clear and they better be ready, otherwise give them their 9 games and get on with developing for another year. Im all for one of them making it, but I dont want to see them in and out of the lineup, if they are up here they play. Simple as that.
  5. Zack Kassian Talk

    The beauty of Kassian is that hes a year younger, yes hodgson is future captain material, but you cant compare these guys. More compareable prospects are schroeder and him as they were drafted the same year, and readiness is a year or so behind hodgson. Yes Kassian and schroeder are nothing a like in the physical sense. Kassian is bigger and more physical, schroeder smaller with more finesse. The great thing about kassian is that because of his size and physical play, with his offensive talent put on hold, he can play in the nhl next year as our 4th/3rd line winger and develop his game without the pressure for more offense a player like hodgson or schroeder would have. He can make his way up the lineup like kesler did.
  6. Jordan Schroeder Talk

    If gillis trades schroeder then what is the point in drafting, because that would be his first two first round draft picks, gone. No, in my mind schroeder should get a couple games in the bigs next season, maybe a fill in for an injury or healthy scratch. Get a taste, see what he does, then send him down with instructions for the next call up he gets. Same thing we were going to do with coho, but then he earned a spot on the team.
  7. Nicklas Jensen Talk

    Strictly Points wise i think he will be similar to burrows, between that 55-65 point range. That guy on the powerplay you have sitting in front of the net to cause ruckus or on the half boards with the puck driving the net also causing ruckus. Either way he is a big body who is going to score you goals around the net in situations we are relying on burrows or kesler to score these days.
  8. lol

    ethan connor larsen

  9. Nicklas Jensen Talk

    big body, cant wait until he fills out that frame in a year or two and becomes a beast.
  10. Patrick McNally Talk

    exactly, until we see him at training camp or what the coaches have to say about him we really have no opinion here.
  11. Say something about the Member above you

    has a high knowledge of sea monkeys