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  1. Sixteen W's

    [GDT] ANA - 1/15/14 - 7:30PM

  2. Sixteen W's

    [GDT] ANA - 1/15/14 - 7:30PM

    Is Hansen playing?
  3. Sixteen W's

    [GDT] ANA - 1/15/14 - 7:30PM

  4. Sixteen W's

    Canucks Memes

  5. ....I clicked it; couldn't help myself :D

  6. Sixteen W's

    Is The Slump Over For The Vancouver Canucks?

    A Canucks slump is nothing like another team's slump.
  7. Sixteen W's

    Funny Pics

  8. CDC Pokerstars Tournament tonight after the game. First game @ 8:50 pm PST. More games if necessary.

    Please sign up :)

  9. Sixteen W's

    Funny Pics

  10. There are a couple posts in the Canada/Russia thread that deserve minuses I can tell you that lol. It was a good way to ensure that people don't provoke others too often. I think Stealth is just trying it out but depending on everyone's feedback he may opt to bring back the minus

  11. Panic button will be back as soon as the (-)ve button's back. I can't have more than 1 image in my sig.

  12. HNY! The post count shown in your profile includes posts made in White Noise whereas the one in threads doesn't - because WN is more lenient on "spam" posts we don't count them towards the official total :)

  13. Happy New Year!

    The Rock hope's it is the most electrifying year for you.

  14. Thank you :) And yes, let's hope for a better ride in 2012 and a happy ending with 16 playoff wins.