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  1. Miller amazing in his return. Unbelievable. He really deserved to win this in regulation, but the shootout just emphasizes his performance even more.
  2. They've been great for their respective teams, and I can honestly say I'm happy for both of them. Luongo has a better shot at the Cup with the Panthers than if he'd stayed in Vancouver (probably), and I still think Schneider is underrated for what he does. Do either of these players have a legitimate shot at the Vezina? I think I heard some things about Luongo maybe even being a Hart candidate. I guess it'd have been weird not to have a goalie controversy with these guys as one and two.
  3. This team is the Sedins, whoever they're playing with, and NOBODY. Also, it must suck to be Miller.
  4. Just no words for the Sedins. Daniel top 4 in league scoring. Unreal.
  5. One extra save or one extra goal could have changed some of those losses.
  6. Keeping that streak alive of not losing by more than a goal
  7. Next year, they should go over the top with banners, streamers, megaphones, etc. just to embarrass the rookies that way.
  8. As a Canucks fan, I'm less surprised than people that don't really pay attention to the team except the names.
  9. Maybe this is about Willie giving Horvat a lot more responsibilities that last year, and McCann getting more protected minutes. I know there are people unhappy about the young players not getting minutes in the third, but there's some merit to it seeing how Horvat is struggling with the extra resonsibility. They've both looked good. Maybe McCann is getting more attention because Horvat's offense didn't really come until the second half of his season.
  10. Oh no. Another lead going into the third.
  11. It's still really early, and I'm glad the players we got are doing well. Lack was likeable though. I hope he does well in Carolina.
  12. Congratulations to Bartkowski. Shame the team couldn't win with all the chances.
  13. According to TEAM1040. Even if it's only four games in, this is pretty amazing. Both +5 already. Tanev especially deserves a lot more recognition for what he does.
  14. What would be an acceptable scenario for Sbisa where the team and fanbase (most of it) would be satisfied with how he turns out?
  15. The passes were very good today. Just very crisp tape to tape.