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  1. This was 100x times way better than UFC 200
  2. The thing is Conor striking was pretty good before but now is even better which is bad news for Aldo, however to the Edgar question although I do agree with you that takedowns would be a problem, the fight on Saturday showed Conor takedown defence is pretty good against Nate who isn't a wrestler but had 25-30lbs weight on him and still stuffed it even after being exhausted. Frankie should go down to the Bantamweight division and fight Cruz that would be an insane matchup.
  3. Imagine if the UFC did McGregor vs Diaz 3 GSP vs Diaz 2
  4. If Conor even lands one of the shots he landed on Aldo like he did against Nate tonight, its night for Aldo, Conor is the worst matchup for Aldo.
  5. Saw John Garret at IHOP in Surrey yesterday, he's such a nice guy.

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    2. ThaManbeast


      He use any ketchup?

    3. Hairy Kneel

      Hairy Kneel

      Did you tap him on the pads?

    4. canucks3322


      The one across superstore on 80th and 120, and no he used ketchup for the eggs LOL

  6. There's pros and cons if Canucks get Kane, hopefully if we do and he becomes what everyone said he was going to be.
  7. Sounds like he's going for Kane
  8. Anyone understand the Eva Maria vs Becky Lynch match that didn't happen? I mean if it was acting Eva needs to work on it along with her wrestling unless she can get doctors to fix her wrestling like they did for her body she has no business being in the ring.
  9. Exactly I'm a huge fan of the UFC but I was baffled by prices.
  10. Anyone buying tickets for UFC Vancouver? Kinda surprised to see prices so high for a non ppv card, $180 for a good seat, $134 for decent seats and 70-90 for upper bowl seats...
  11. Solid signings today brining in two Canadians in Edgar and De Jong strengthens our defence with Adukeubg will be reportedly be loaned in England, but we still need to sign a striker.
  12. Not gonna lie I was so pumped for the card, but the main card wasn't that great not saying it was terrible, however I'm looking forward to 202 McGregor for redemption.
  13. Totally forgot about Mousasi fighting