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  1. That was the best decision Rory made by signing with Bellator this will allow him to recover from his injuries and improve, however at the same time get paid, so by the time he become a free agent again then the UFC can pay the money he deserve.
  2. Tbh United and Arsenal would be the only top club's that would benefit Davies development however I think if he went to Southampton he would develop into a top player. Also saw online that United and Liverpool were monitoring Davies, so there is a chance that they might come for him.
  3. Not saying he is but I was implying he would be my first choice cb if he was available
  4. I think Griezeman is almost guarantee to happen as long as we get champions league football, which would be great, and then the rumours are we did make a 75 million pound bid for Mbape, however Monaco want 100 million pounds or more. I wouldn't mind us getting someone like Bonnuci from Juve for c/b, Kroos for midfield (would be a dream signing), and then a goalie like Oblak, Llrois, Hart, or someone like that if or when De Gea leaves.
  5. Yeah I think it was sky sports, but won't be surprised if we do spend that much to improve our squad.
  6. On twitter I believe it was by sky sports or someone from telegraph saying United will spend between 350-450 to improve the squad.
  7. Is the word "process" the new word for rebuild by Linden and Benning? Just call it what it is..

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    2. SabreFan1


      The Sabres were a burn everything to the ground and then re-burn the ashes afterwards just in case rebuild.  It was a tank that job made the old-guard people from Pittsburgh proud. :lol:

    3. SabreFan1


      The Sabres were a burn everything to the ground and then re-burn the ashes afterwards just in case rebuild.  It was a tank job that made the old-guard people from Pittsburgh proud. :lol:

    4. SabreFan1


      Needed to fix a world scramble there.

  8. Do you think it would be better for Davies to play a year or two here and be cap tied to Canada, and then have him go to England to further his development?
  9. I believe GSP will beat Bisping, and drop the middleweight title, and then fight the winner of woodely and Mai.
  10. However if he didn't sign the contract then there's a chance he doesn't get re-signed and I think the same result would happen again since people were sleeping on Whittaker
  11. You missed the great fight card man!
  12. This was 100x times way better than UFC 200
  13. The thing is Conor striking was pretty good before but now is even better which is bad news for Aldo, however to the Edgar question although I do agree with you that takedowns would be a problem, the fight on Saturday showed Conor takedown defence is pretty good against Nate who isn't a wrestler but had 25-30lbs weight on him and still stuffed it even after being exhausted. Frankie should go down to the Bantamweight division and fight Cruz that would be an insane matchup.
  14. Imagine if the UFC did McGregor vs Diaz 3 GSP vs Diaz 2
  15. If Conor even lands one of the shots he landed on Aldo like he did against Nate tonight, its night for Aldo, Conor is the worst matchup for Aldo.