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  1. Exactly I'm a huge fan of the UFC but I was baffled by prices.
  2. Anyone buying tickets for UFC Vancouver? Kinda surprised to see prices so high for a non ppv card, $180 for a good seat, $134 for decent seats and 70-90 for upper bowl seats...
  3. As long as Oilers trade Mcdavid our way....
  4. Solid signings today brining in two Canadians in Edgar and De Jong strengthens our defence with Adukeubg will be reportedly be loaned in England, but we still need to sign a striker.
  5. Not gonna lie I was so pumped for the card, but the main card wasn't that great not saying it was terrible, however I'm looking forward to 202 McGregor for redemption.
  6. Totally forgot about Mousasi fighting
  7. What's everyones prediction for tonight? Mines are Nunes, Lesnar,DC,Edgar, Velaquez, Zingano,Dillashaw, Gastelum, Northcutt, Lauzon, Miller.
  8. This card literally from fight pass to main event is on another level, you could easily put the prelims on the main card for any other ppv.
  9. Still a solid card kinda wished Lesnar vs Hunt would be 5 rounds.
  10. 0 percent chance of happening? Vanek signed a one year deal with Detroit, Polak signed a one year deal with Toronto, so its not impossible for a Free agent that doesn't have that many options to sign with us and then we can use that as a bargaining chip at the deadline. Another thing if he prefers other places over us why hasn't he been signed by now?
  11. Mean't to say either Gaunce or a 4th round pick.
  12. Sign him to a one year deal and if we're not in the playoff contention then trade him for a draft pick.
  13. Sbisa, Gaunce, 4th for Kane? Since Sabers made it clear they don't want him and his value being low.
  14. Rather have Evander Kane on the team then Yakopov, if he doesn't like the situation here, he's just going to end up going to the KHL