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  1. I just ran some numbers after noticing lately how many Canucks goals have been scored by new players on the roster. For this purpose, I defined a new player as one who was not on the roster as of the beginning of last season. This includes players that were in the Canucks organization but weren't on the NHL roster at that point - guys like Bo Horvat and Frank Corrado. Percentage of goals scored by new players: Last 2 games: 86% Last month (14 games): 61% All season: 47% While the last 2 games are quite remarkable in that regard, it's easy for a stat to be skewed by such a small sample size (hat trick by Matthias). More surprising though, is the last month of games. Vrbata certainly has been a big part of these stats, but I don't think I would have expected more than 6 out of 10 goals to be from guys who weren't on the team at the start of last season. We made some changes this past year, but I didn't think it was that much!