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  1. Those lines look a little more balanced, I like how they look. Except for McCann being on the fourth line. I would rather see him in the top six, but that line could surprise us and have good chemistry. I can't wait to see the kid line again, so stoked they are back together.
  2. I don't think there is a need to trade for a top defenseman. I think we have one developing in Hutton, offensively speaking anyway. Anaheim has 4 points from their defensemen. Arizona has 10 points from their defensemen. Calgary has 7 points from their defensemen. Edmonton has 6 points from their defensemen. Los Angeles has 2 points from their defensemen. San Jose has 8 points from their defensemen. Vancouver has 11 points from their defensemen. I know its still early in the season, but if our back end can keep producing points like this consistently throughout the season our team can surprise a lot of fans and sports analysts alike. Hutton is currently leading our defense in scoring, he has been a pleasant surprise for this team. I hope Hutton can keep producing points as the season rolls along and hoping our forwards can get it going as well. I've compared the stats from our defense to the other defensemen in our division. The amount of points they produce some what reflects the success each team will have this season. The more points they can build up will influence the number of wins they accumulate.
  3. Tanev Hamhuis Hutton Edler Bartkowski Sbisa Weber I think we have a good mix of youth and veteran players.
  4. I enjoyed watching this game. We are off to a good start. Hopefully the Canucks pick up where they left off from this game on Saturday. Go Canucks go
  5. Had Sbisa cleared the puck out of the zone properly then that goal would have been avoided. Hopefully this does not become a trend or a routine for him as the season continues.
  6. So stoked hockey season is back. Hoping for a entertaining game tonight. Go Canucks Go
  7. I'm gonna guess McCann
  8. So stoked about tonight's game. Seems like we had to wait forever for the game. Go Canucks Go
  9. Good game tonight, was so glad we won. So hoping we make the playoffs and LA misses, that would be so freaking awesome. I can watch that clip of Tanev hit on Brown over and over.
  10. Game day, I finally get to watch a game. Usually I am at work, or with the girl friend doing some thing. Hoping for a win. can't wait. Go Canucks Go
  11. I like the signing. I was a little worried that management might trade him or just not re-sign him because of how long it took to get a deal done. I've been a huge fan of his, since he entered the league. I don't get why some members on here (CDC) are making a big deal about his AAV. Tanev is only 25, he will only get better as each season passes. Some of the members on this site make it sound like he is on the down swing of his career, make it sound like he will never get any better than what he is now. Tanev blocks a lot of shots and he has never been a minus player in any season he has played in so far. I'm sure his shooting and point production will get better the more he plays. I'm glad we re-sign Tanev.
  12. Tired of this losing streek, hoping for a win tomorrow. Might finally get to watch the game in peace. go Canucks go
  13. So you are generalizing all of us into one lump sum. Believe it or not, not all us of act like we are a championship team when we win and not all of us go off the deep end when we lose either. I'd like to think I'm neutral and layed back when we win or lose.
  14. Please win Canucks, don't care how you do it, just win. I'm sick and tired of this losing streak we are on. go nucks go
  15. Can't wait for tonight's game, should be entertaining. go canucks go